Greenland is unique because of the diversity of the culture there and their fashion style is made from animal’s skin. Greenland is in the Kingdom of Denmark. What I didn’t know is that, it is the largest island in the world which is not a continent. Remarkably, approximately 81% of Greenland is surrounded by ice. One more thing, Greenland has the second largest ice sheet on the planet beside guess who…Antarctica’s Ice Sheet, that’s a story for another day. The heavy weight of the ice sheet is the reason why Iceland is 300 meters below sea level. They have 4 different time zones and the country’s capital is Nuuk, which is among the planet smallest capital. Nuuk is known as godthab, which translate as good hope.

greenland1The ethnic group in Greenland is mostly dominated by a group called Inuit or you can call them Eskimo. Eskimo are the indigenous group of the Arctic Region. Greenlandic and Danish are the language spoken there and of course, Kalaallisut is the main language of Greenlandic. Greenlandic is the native language to say. If you didn’t know Greenland like I didn’t, you will learn it has 4 different municipals in which are coat of arms with different logos on their shield. The 4 Municipals are: Kujalleq, Qaasuitsup, Qeqqata and Sermersooq. Kujalleq is in Southern tip of Greenland and it is a sheep farming area. Sheep farming is vital to the economy of Kujalleq. Qeqqata is in Western Greenland. Qaasuitsup is in the Northwestern Greenland and it is simply the largest city in the world by area. Sermerssoq is in South Central and Eastern Greenland and it is the second largest city in the world by area. Sermersooq is the homeland to Greenland’s capital, Nuuk.

Greenland’s National Holiday called Ullortuneq. It is on the 21st June, greenland2so there are festivals with music, food and lots of entertainment. It is the longest day of the year. The Greenland Day is a way to symbolize cultural value and national identity. This day is filled with traditional activities and outdoor activities. You may see Islanders in their Greenland traditional clothes and lots of singing. Entertainment involves going to church, folk dances, football games, Greenlandic food festival, Kayaking and of course lots of music. Sounds like a lot of fun for a day! Greenland is the place where I know people are having the most fun. Long day for sure, long fun day.


Greenland’s Music and Food are based on the Eskimo and Danish traditions. A combination of both Eskimo and Danish traditions; like for instance, the Greenland music is a combination of Eskimo and Danish traditions. The drum dance is one of the main traditional dance in Greenland. So you can imagine the festival in Greenland is filled with music, meat and fish; since that consist of the food they eat there. Hunting and fishing are a must to live in Greenland, because that is how you survive. I mean, Greenland people eats whale and Kiviak, which is fermented seal. I would like to taste whales and seals, to be honest… hmm, a big chunk of it! LOL. I can tell Greenland people are one tough people hunting whales and seals. Viking Inuit is a part of what makes Greenland customary in Greenland. The two words Viking Inuit is self-explanatory, I suppose. Greenland is a country I would like to visit one day because of the mystery and how their creative style in every aspect of their lives.

I had to be careful in how I put words together when talking about the Greenland people. I mean you have to respect every culture. I want to make sure what I am saying are correct which they are. I would like to meet a them because I know it would be an insightful conversation — full of knowledge. If you are a “Greenlander” or know more about Greenland and you are reading this, please comment below. I would love to learn more about them. What I learned about them so far, am sure most people do not know about it which is why I am sharing it. I didn’t know about it till I started learning about the Eskimos.

Want to learn more. Keep learning. Brainy Versatility.