Frozen Shoulder

fsOf what I know being around physical therapists is when a client deals with frozen shoulder.You start to get stiffness and pain around the shoulder area. Can be quiet painful. You get it by limited actions of using the shoulder joint on a continuous basis. It is hard to see how someone can get frozen should simply by the fact we use our arm everyday for daily activities and our arm is connected to the shoulder joints so it is constantly moving. In order to get a frozen shoulder something has to be seriously wrong. Whether it may be diseases or your arm just completely stop functioning due to being a cast.

Either way, in my opinion, it is hard getting a frozen shoulder. When I encounter someone with a frozen shoulder. I saw that heat helps along with stretching helps. Most importantly, doing range of motion exercises can be extremely beneficial. The cases of the severity might be varied; but I have seen simple exercises relieve the client off the pain he or she is having.


Exercises like finger walk is a prime example. You simply walk your fingers on like a stair wooden figure usually on a wall and walk your fingers all he way to the top and bottom.Your fingers usually two fingers is doing the exercises. Good exercises for range of motion. Another one is cross body arm stretch. It is just as the name describe cross your arm across your body for a good stretch. Those are some things I learned about frozen shoulder.

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Knowledge on Lumbar Pain (L3 & L4)

Having experience minor injuries with my body and seeing other battlelumbar injuries themselves. Physical Therapists (PT) gave me knowledge of what I am experiencing and what others are experiencing as well. This category came to mind for me to share those experiences with you guys. Experiences that I seen and was told by experience healthcare workers. This can be a work out rehab knowledge to get familiar with whats going on. So, this is JUST my knowledge of what I encounter spending time with some PTs. So this is a page to share experience and learn from one another. Please confirm with a physical therapist near you if your not sure. Ask a physical therapist or do your own research before anything. Every body is different so what works for one person might not work for you.

The knowledge of experience lumbar pain L3-L4. These might be different since there are 5 vertebrates; it starts from L1 and finish at L5. Injuries to these areas might be due to lifting object with bad form, twisting or bending the wrong way,old age and other reasons. The lumbar is connected to other areas of the body so those other areas like the hips might be cause of back pain because they are weak or tight. One muscle area around your back is compensating for other areas which may cause your back to give you problems. There are several cause of pain for lumbar pain. The one I know of is the STENOSIS. Tingling and numbness in feet along with leg pain.

Of what I know doing flexion exercises can treat this discomfort or pain. Exercises like Bridges holding it for 2-3 seconds. Bridges is basically laying on your back and feet planted on the floor so raise your hips up as far as you can and hold it. Another exercise is the Hip Twist. Again, laying down on the floor, planting your feet down and twisting your hips side to side. Repeat those exercises for 3 sets 10-15 repetitions. This is my knowledge of lumbar back pain L3-L4. These knowledge was provided to me by spending time with physical therapists and picking their brilliant minds. I am sharing what I learned. I am talking in general from my knowledge.

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