The workout week for April 3-12. Workout: 49-55. The Journey of my Workout week. ALL BUSINESS. ENOUGH SAID!

Monday-April 3

Long Run Monday

Monday was a long day. I finished my workout at night. I ran for like a mile to get some movement for my body. I am liking it so far. A new change to the workout to make everything nice and crisp. I have not run outside in a while so that was good for a change.

Tuesday- April 4

Tuesday being Tuesday but I don’t have time for that.

On Tuesday,  as soon I woke up I drank a cold 16 ounce of water and ate grill plantains. I went through my day. I finished my day with some explosive leg workout. I really see the improvement and I see my range of motion getting better. My body was acting up though but no time to be feeling all like that. Strange feeling that was hard to explain. I think it came from the plantains though. I was all tired and stuff. No one got time for that.

Wednesday, April 5

TIRED Wednesday

Overall, It was a good day but I put in work today which got me tired. My leg hurt at the end of the day and I just wanted to fall into my bed and sleep. I did my workout in which I smashed up and did my long run which was finished with some peanuts and apple juice. That apple juice is on point. The Simply Apple juice that was pure pressed. 100% apple juice by the way that was Hmmm, tasty.Protein and Carbs are all I got to say about that. Let’s get it in.

Thursday, April 6

Need some sleep Thursday

On Thursday, not going to lie I was tired. I was dragging throughout the day. I was tired. I had to try extra hard to stay awake while driving. I am a good dependable driver it was all good. Thursday was a day I needed to be extra focus to get tasks done. When I got to my workout though it was all fun. Explosive basketball workout Thursday. It was supposed to be for 20mins but who knew 20mins gone by so fast. Time flies by when you are having fun. I was having fun. That was for sure. I might have been tired Thursday but my body was not tired of my workout. I got EXCITED for that 😀 Grrrrrrrrrr to unleash the beast!

Friday, April 7

Well Oil Quick Machine

Friday was a day I knocked out everything on each list on my errands. The goal was to finish the day quick so I can have some free time. I did finish early but wanted more time to relax. Nothing like finishing a workout quick with a long run. Ahh refreshing. Now, I did some tongue exercises with some good stretching afterward. It was a good day. End of the week 😀

Saturday, April 8

Being Cool With it

I was being cool with it Saturday.Well, it’s Saturday not much to do but chill. I got errands to handle but that’s not much of a big day. Let’s get to this workout though. Basketball drill got me looking like a bonafide baller out here. I am seeing cuts in my chest and shoulders again. Staying being active is getting the job done. It took time though but with a few change up with me actually running and implanting in some move your body cardio change the game up for me. I feel good and it’s going to get better from here. I am setting goals to reach and here it goes. Just put your mind to it and JUST DO IT. Let’s go Saturday.

Sunday, April 9: CHILL DAY!

No workout day but I still worked out. I can see that I am more explosive and Stronger. I need to work on my movement.  My lateral movement needs to be on point.  Running will do that. My body loosen up some weight for me. Good day. I had me a Publix Sub. If you know about Publix Subs. YOU KNOW WHAT  UP.  It was so delicious and yummy. I handle business on that Subs for real. Good Refresh day.


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Grind it out Week: WORKOUTS ( 42-48)
Workout Week: Let the Grind begin (From March 27-April 2)

Monday: Workout Monday

Workout Monday is always exciting and  I added 20 minutes cardio to my workout session because I feel like I needed to move more. 20mins got me sweating. The workout was quick and it was working my muscles but my muscle needs some more endurance to it. The ability to move more has many benefits like being more efficient with my daily work activities. I feel doing more cardio will help me with my daily activities. Hence, 20 minutes cardio after the workout.

Tuesday: Focus as can be Tuesday

The Basketball drill got me feeling like a baller again. Not to say that, I was not a baller before but I feel like I am more in the game now. I am Feeling more athletic and explosive. I am stretching more. You need that stretching in your life. I am telling you. Say NO to Cramps ugh! lol so yeah.

Wednesday: Get it done day

I was tired by the end of the day. My leg needed some deep level massage. Like FOR REAL.I feel like sleeping. The Working out is looking good. 20 minutes cardio after a workout will show improvement as time move along. I got it done today. Can’t tell me anything. This workout ain’t got nothing on me. Wednesday ain’t got nothing on me lol.

Thursday: Fight through the workout 

I was hungry at 1 am in the morning so I ate some rice and spinach sauce with chicken. I should not eat so late I know but I was hungry. I need to have a late night emergency foods that are healthy and good to go to for late nights. If you guys have any suggestions leave them in the comment box. I woke up early Thursday morning to get some task done. I could have worked out in the morning but I opted to work out later in the afternoon. I really should have worked out early because I took some medical shots and it made it hard to work out later on. I got this, I fought through it and body that workout. I didn’t want to mess up the afternoon rotation you know. Thursday is basketball day aka explosive day. 

Friday: Cruising day

Friday was the kind of day I got things done and workout. I cooked rice and beans and hmm was it good. Complete protein right there. You all know what I mean. Right? Let us just say #2 lol. The meal was good though. I got my hot sauce on deck. Cruising through the day to get to the weekend.

Saturday: Drive by Saturday

Saturday went by so quick. I got my task done though. I worked out and got my explosive workout in. I feel like someone was about to get dunked on off two feet. My handles there too so you might get crossed up. Get crossed up and J on. The crowd gone wild saying ooooh. Final 4 Saturday so I am chilling on this drive by day and watching some Final 4 NCAA basketball.

Sunday: Sunday-Funday

It was a free day but still getting that workout in. Hang out with friends day and got some fun cardio in. Nothing spectacular. I watch some basketball and relax. It is Sunday. Sunday Fun-day.  Getting ready for that Monday. No one looking forward to that Monday lol. Eating good and healthy today well kind of lol.

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