Spurs dont play that. Straight Beat DOWN




San Antonio Spurs handled the Houston Rockets. No taking off over here for the Spurs.

I told you all that Spurs going to come in game 2 and straight put in work.

They handled them. Popovich does not play that.

Spurs came into handled business tonight.SCalm

Straight W

Spurs dont play that. Preparation.

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Houston we have Lift Off!





Ummm I was not expecting San Antonio Spurs to get straight beat down like that by Rocthe Houston Rockets. Like what happened. I turned the game on after a long day and I just finished running. I saw the score in the 3rd quarter like wtf. Is this a dream? Are you for real? That was unlike the spurs. It was like they were not ready at all. You don’t expect that from a Popovich coach team. Simply put I was shocked. That was unacceptable Spurs. Over 30 points beat down most of the game like really really?

Now let me get on Coach Popovich. This coach is so cool under pressure. He was not Scoacheven phased after the game at the press conference. All he said was they(Spurs) lost and they(Rockets) won. Even he was even laughing. He is a smart coach and he gives it to you real. Be ready for the Spurs to be awake and prepared in game two on Wednesday. After how the Spurs got outplayed by the Houston Rockets I know the spurs going to give them then works in game 2.

Overall, I must say the Rockets impressed me. They played well as a team. They were executing and making shots. James Harden made his team better. It was Scoshocking that the Rockets did what they did to the Spurs in San Antonio I would say. Shout to the Rockets for winning game 1 in a blowout in the Texas series Show-Down. GAME 2 HERE WE COME!



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Ways to Give New Orleans Pelican Fans Advice to be Patient with their New team


If you thought the Pelicans were going to ball out and be a good team after they got DeMarcus Cousins, well, not just YET as it is a work in progress. The Pelicans got straight blow out. First game after the All Star game and the Pelicans still celebrating the trade winner they got. 129-99, Houston Rockets won. Anthony Davis (29 points) and DeMarcus Cousins (27points) will get it together. Both players played well with dropping over 20 points. It is a team game and they need the other pieces to step up too. Give them some time to get the groove going on. This is more of progress and getting to know each other tendencies on the court.

The first game at the Smoothie King Arena was one to get better from. I nola1know people thinking the New Orleans Pelicans will just be a good team all of a sudden. It doesn’t change over night. The Houston Rockets is a good team. James Harden, having an MVP season, leading his team right. You already know he was going to ball even if he doesn’t score a lot of points. He had a Double-double: 13 points and 14 assists. The whole Rockets team played well, especially newly acquired shooting guard Lou Williams. Willians who was from the Los Angeles Lakers. The baller. Auto-microwave making 7 of 11 3’s in his debut. That man can score a basketball. He had 27 points during the game.

nola2.pngThe Pelicans will be getting better, so they are getting their chemistry together. I mean, I didn’t know how the two big man were going to play together. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins looks like they are capable of balling together. The question is, does the coaching staff have to be able to capitalize on each of the star skills set and dominate? The coaching staff starts with the head coach, Alvin Gentry, so he has to formulate a plan for the team to succeed. The coaching staff will play a big role in the success of the New Orleans Pelicans. They got 20 plus games left, so we will see what they got with those games. New Team. Trusting each other. Basketball is back. Big Man. Basketball Night. 😀

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