*WARNING! Ready a paper bag when you read this or finish what you eating.* Ten Grossest Things Other People Have Done Out of Laziness

This is an old post from when I started blogging. This is good for interaction so sit down and relax. Take deep breathe. Now time to laugh or make that stank face lol

We have this day that we just don’t want to move at all, like all we want is to sit on the couch and binge watch. BUT how far can you go in dealing with your laziness? Here is a list of the grossest thing people have done; and yes, this is real.

  1. Ate a yogurt with a ruler because I couldn’t be bothered to go and get a spoon. – kumran
    Reaction: You could have just drink it, man.
  2. I peed in my cat’s litter box. – derkkern
    Reaction: Talking about establishing dominance there, pal.
  3. I ordered underwear from Amazon with overnight delivery because I didn’t want to do the laundry. – EriShaw
    Reaction: This is less gross than re-wearing the underwear for a day or two. So. Lazy? Hell yes. Gross? Not really. Resourceful? Absolutely!
  4. Allow the dog to lick BBQ grease off hands. Wipe dog slobber off on the dog. – anumati
    Reaction: This is a living example of how nature works, like the circle of life but with dogs and food.
  5. I picked my nose and didn’t want to get up to wash my hands or dispose of it so I put it back in my nose. – UmbreHonest
    Reaction: Dude, pick it and flick it. Gosh Damn! But one question, you gobbled it right up, didn’t you?
  6. Let my clogged toilet get to the point it had maggots in it. – SilentSpartan
    Reaction: …#dead
  7. The bathroom was occupied, didn’t feel like going from the 2nd floor into the creepy dark basement to poop in the other -so I pooped in some plastic bags on my screened patio and didn’t immediately dispose of them… – Hair_Harlot
    Reaction: Them?! you have done it more than once? What an actual BLEEEP! How BLEEEP scary is your basement?!
  8. I swallowed a loogie because I was too lazy to get up and spit it out. – Dougington
    Reaction: This is just the right amount of disgusting. (pukes a lil in my mouth) Now, I’m disgusting.
  9. Ran out of toilet paper so I’d just use socks, eventually, my foot got a rash from it. – HotCheetoHarambe
    Reaction: So you wiped your ass with a sock, then put that sock back on your foot? What the BLEEEP, man!
  10. I’ve eaten mashed potatoes off the floor because I didn’t want to heat up a second helping. – GirlyVomit
    Reaction: Girl, I mean, compared to the rest? Yours is cute lol

What about you? What did you do out of laziness? Would you like to share it with us? Leave a comment below and let’s share one or few things and laugh it all away, Brainy Versatility style.

Don’t be shy. Have some fun and relax 😀

Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive.

Short Blog:Happy April’s Fools day!


Today is one of the most exciting day of the year If you like fun. Relax and have some fun. It is prank day and if you have some kind of fun in you then you will be laughing a lot today. A lot of fun creative pranks are about to happen. So, you and many others day are about to be met.  IT IS ON A SATURDAY TOO!  Say NO More! I better be careful today lol. I am on high alert nobody is safe today. If I know you all well enough you wont be safe around me because I am about fun. So, if you are about fun lets make today a fun day. Think of your prank ideas and let me know how it worked for you. I am sure some people are already pranking each other already at midnight ahahaha. Its all fun nothing serious. Always have some kid in you so dont be too serious with life. I am cranked up for the day. YEAH LETS GET IT YOU ALL! Let all your stress go today and enjoy yourself. Dance, Party and be Safe!       Before you go guess what lol:



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