The Shocking Truth about the Cleveland Cavaliers


Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks. First game back after the All Star game. NBA Trade Deadline Day. Carmel Anthony vs. LeBron James. Brother vs. Brother. Homie vs. Homie. Charles Oakley in the building. The game is at the Quick Loan Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Crowd is hype. Looks like LeBron is ready to get this second half of the season ready. New York Knicks has an early lead. Knicks playing good defense to begin with. You can’t let Carmelo set his feet, that’s nothing but net. Courtney Lee playing good too that’s a boost for the Knicks.

cavs1The Cavaliers (also known as Cavs) went on a run late first quarter. The run started with LeBron open court dunk, then a put back dunk by Tristan Thompson, the Canadian, the rebounding X-factor machine. He finished with a Double-double: 10 points and 14 rebounds. Then, the Cavs just started pouring down 3’s from Kyle Korver and Richard Jefferson. Cavs came back from being down early with their fire power run. Carmelo Anthony made a buzzer beater 3 at the end of the first quarter, but it didn’t count. Cavs leads 34-33 at the end of the 1st quarter. LeBron balling in the second quarter and the Cavs took the lead. The blow out and beat down was about to begin.


Cavs looking their normal self; they just had to get it right and oh boy, they are clicking. Kristaps Porzingis left the game with a sprain ankle; he should be okay. Carmelo Anthony finished with 20 points. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James taking this game over. The game was over in the 4th quarter, for real. Blow out as you can say. LeBron James had a Triple-double. Cavs finished strong at home. LeBron straight glassing Courtney Lee, a run down glass too. LOL, geeesh. Kyrie Irving dropped 23 points and LeBron James finished with 18 points, 15 assist and 13 rebounds — straight A glassing. A big game. 48th Career Triple-double. Cavs won, 119-104.

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Wednesday Night Match Up


Carmelo Anthony didn’t play good the last time. Knicks played OKC, BUT on Wednesday night Melo was on fire. Scoring 19 in the first quarter only and the Knicks had the lead big — 17 points, Knicks lead. OKC fighting back and cut the lead down. Andre Roberson have no answer for Melo is…is on Fire. Blazing hot! On the night Melo finding out he is on the All Star Team, he made it known the All Star coach decision was a good one. But OKC Thunders came back and making the game close. 56-52 Knicks in the second quarter till the Thunders took the lead.

You already know Russell Westbrook was going to do his thing. He is a melo1tripple double waiting to happen. Dropping dimes on them. Basketball dropping dimes, dropping dimes. Bounce pass dimes. Russell Westbrook does it again with his 27th Triple Double of the season. Man! he is a triple dub machine. Earlier in the game, it looked like the New York Knicks had this game BUT the Thunders was taking this game over. Thanks to Russell Westbrook (of course).



Russell Westbrook in 29 minutes, had 11 rebounds and assists and 27 points only in the 3rd quarter. The Thunders wasn’t playing tonight. They let the Knicks feel themselves like they were going to win earlier on in the game. But Westbrook with the Flush Dunk. Steals and dunks by Westbrook. Thunders comeback from the deficits and won at home. Home win! Triple Double Westbrook. Thunder up for the win. Westbrook dropped 38 points and Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points.

116-105 Thunders Win. Getting Buckets. Brainy Versatility.

MSG Closed Up

This game I thought the Spurs was going to win BUT I was wrong. The game was close to the end. I thought the San Antonio Spurs was going to pull away with the lead. The New York Knicks was sticking around and leading most in the game. Spurs didn’t have their normal game this Sunday Afternoon game. Kawhi Leonard was making clutch shots in this game. Knicks’ defense came through at the end though; their offense did some damage too.


Willy Hernangomez is a good player and a finesse player making acrobatic lay up and dunks. He can get double figures and a good center for the Knicks. Good young guy for the Knicks to have; however, this game was Melo game though. Carmelo Anthony put the fist in the heart of the Spurs with his 3 point to put the Knicks even further after the steal on the other end by the Knicks. The game was still close though Melo and Kawhi going at it.


Melo end the game with his mid range jumper. The game was in the hands of the Knicks to win. This win will be their biggest win of the year. Well the season, so yeah and they did it! They won and close the game out in Madison Square Garden on Sunday Afternoon. This game was a good close finish. Melo got clutch in his veins. He led his team to victory this game. Heart and being clutch. Knicks won by 4 94-90.

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The New York Knicks’ game the other day was not a game at all. The little brawl between Charles Oakley and the Knicks’ Security Guards should not have happened. The Knicks’ owner, James Dolan, should not be so sensitive about people speaking their mind about how he is running the organization. Oakley and Dolan have beef going on. It shouldn’t even be beef. Oakley was telling the truth. If you didn’t know Oakley, he was a member of the Knicks back in the 90’s. An NBA Bad boy, he was the enforcer when the Knicks were good and making playoffs. Doing something relevant in the league. James Dolan, to be honest, should of been professional about this.

In the media, it might look like Oakley did something wrong; BUT it was all on the owner sending security to escort Oakley out. Oakley bought a ticket so if he choose to watch a Knicks game sitting few rows from the owner so be it. This is not about Oakley because he didn’t start this. Imagine if you bought a ticket to a game and the security guard told you you must leave. Be honest with yourself, you would be mad too. You feel some type of way. Oakley should of treat himself with some respect. I don’t blame him for being mad though. But he could of handle the situation accordingly.

Dolan was trying to act all innocent. People need to know the truth about what happened before they comment or say their opinion. Both side was wrong here and they should fix their problems like man not making this big fuss about it. This has something to do with nothing. Knicks need to treat Oakley with some respect. Put some respect on his name. He shouldn’t be treated like that. But know both side of the story.

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