Garden Party


Boston Celtics playing the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday’s afternoon on ABC. They gave Paul Pierce a standing ovation returning back to the Garden for his last time before retiring. BUT that didn’t stop that beat down the Clippers was about to get. Its Super Bowl day and the city is hyped so Celtics started it out with blowing the Clippers out at first. The Clippers were down most of the game. The Clippers really miss Chris Paul with getting picked apart by the Celtics. That little man, Isaiah Thomas, something to mess with. Little man got heart. Scrappy little man straight heart. I know he was giving Clippers the full body bath of buckets.

Fourth quarter, Celtics putting the Pats beat down on the Clippers. 83-71 and the Clippers trying to fight back, but they don’t really have no weapons to combat with. That man Isaiah Thomas know how to use his body and do his thing. I just shake my head, like, this man just shaking and baking on them. It was a beat down but the Clippers trying to cut it down in the 4th quarter with under 10 mins left; BUT Thomas saucing them all the way up! Fourth quarter is Isaiah’s time. Just give him the ball and let him go to work. Clippers haven’t led all game. Might have been Paul Pierce’s (aka The Truth) day but sure not the game. Clippers got to come out with more heart. This wasn’t really a close game.

Last 120 seconds, Thomas straight taking it to the rim. Celtic fans screaming Paul Pierce’s name, shows how much they deference him or in other word, RESPECT him. They want Paul Pierce back in the game. Paul Pierce got back in the game with 19.8 seconds left hugging Blake Griffin. Making a 3 in Isaiah Thomas face to end the game. His only 3-point shot in the game. Celtic fans are great fans for sure (I can see that). Isaiah Thomas showing respect to the truth. The man who spent most of his career in Boston as a Celtic player (15 years). Clippers finally making it a game down by 4 with 42.7 seconds left. Thomas finished them out (No come back for you, Clippers!) — taste that, LOL uhhh. Celtics won 107-102. That is their 7-straight win. It is Boston day will see.

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