InstaFit_20170321_03280549.jpgGrrrrr…. The Dog in you. The life. The tenacity. Not backing down. Not giving up. Always finding ways to get better. Going for what you want. You got heart you always have a chance. I like to think I got heart. Whether in sports or life. You should always have heart. Don’t just be sluggish about it and be a push over. If you want something you have to go for it. Act like you want. I like making people feel better. Taking care of them via injuries. I am trying to get more education in it so I am constantly looking and talking to people that can help me get to my goals. Got to be ready for the opportunities. The tools of taking care of people for me is more than people around me in my current community. I am trying to help as much people around the world help them experience the joy of life through knowledge of knowing how to treat your body properly. Using what you have and using it to your advantage. For me to get to that stage, I have to have heart to take the constructive criticism from people that can help me get there. Yeah it may hurt, BUT it is to make you better. It is like working out a muscle you have to break it down for it to grow back stronger. Think of Constructive Criticism like that. You need heart to get better in life so better develop that tenacity and handling positive Criticism. They go hand in hand in my view.

I am big and might look like am mean with my constructive criticism. I am trying to make you better. It is all out of care. It is meant for the person to get something positive out of it. Everyone is different so you have to know and master who can handle constructive criticism and who can not. In life you have to be able to take the constructive criticism. I would like to have constructive criticism because I know the person is going the extra mile to ingrained in me my mistakes and giving me tips how to fix it to be better. Constructive Criticism is about getting better from mistakes and you have to have the heart to take it. Don’t let pride get involve in order to be helpful in life you have to be willing to learn from anyone young or old. On this Journey, I experience positive criticism, I mean, at first it may hurt but you have to think positive because it is meant to be positive. Positive Criticism just gives me fuel to my Diesel — Yeah! I said diesel. Its like got to laugh sometimes silly or not.

You have to heart whether to help people or taking constructive criticism. Heart like playing basketball and the ball is on the floor so what you going to do. You better dive for that ball. That’s what I do. I am applying the same attitude to helping people diving in and showing I want to do this. You keep knocking and knocking on the door soon an opportunity will come up and when it does I will be ready. Ready for all kind of situation. Adaptive to all kind of situation. Expand my mind to grow. The more experience I encounter the better I am in helping myself help you or others in life.

So go out there and expand your mind. Develop that GRRRR in you. Fight for what you want! Fight for your passion! Be adaptive. Brainy Versatility.

Salute! Thankful: Hugs and smiles in being thankful and keep working hard


You always have to be honored when someone gives you an opportunity in life; opportunity to further your career. I was given that opportunity to further my career in helping people. Well in my case, the world and I say “stay positive and always be ready.” Opportunity is right around the corner. Opportunity could be 2 hours, 2 seconds, 2 minutes away or 1-2 weeks away. Either way, stay ready. I was ready and excited for my opportunity. I was thankful and I am still am. It was a good feeling; one good day I must say. A lot of knowledge shared and learned from instructors and students. I must say, I look good in a suit, LOL. Fresh hair cut. I told my barber to make me standout and he gave me a new look, LOL. He talking about with this haircut, I’ll get 2 or 3 more girls…LOL. My intentions for that haircut is not to get girls, but to be prepared for my opportunity. An opportunity I will be nervous and excited for, like everyone will be. Once I am in the game, the nervous goes away but the excitement is still there.

It is like a championship game. Of course, you get that nervous in you when you play that big game, everyone has it, even the superstars. I don’t know about you but in the 4th quarter I want the ball in my hand. I want to deliver for my team. I want to bring the trophy home. You have to be confident to do that — that I am. I am a confident individual just the way I was born. I don’t know about you, but when opportunity comes and that day comes to perform and I am in the game, the nervousness goes away and I am excited. Ready to bring energy to the team. Oh yeah, always know how to talk to people. For example, if you know someone is sensitive, well, give him or her some encouragement. Let him or her know you got this. I got confident in you. WE got confident in you. If someone can take the punches well, be a little harder on him or her to get the best out of them. Just know when not to push it over the top. If you feel pressure or attitude of him or her, just back off. I sound like a coach. I tell you one thing, I coach my team up. We be winning. Listen to me, we are going to win. But back to the mission of the post, you have to be thankful for every opportunity you have to progress in life.

I mean, being excited and full of energy for my opportunity that I had a feeling I didn’t know where it came from. A mentor, who is a physical therapist, told me, show them you want it. Show them you are hungry. YES! I am hungry and I want the whole plate full. They going to know I am hungry and I think that is what I delivered. It was a very thankful day; full of knowledge and that is what I like. I like to learn, so like a sponge, I will absorb all the knowledge in. Let it sink, then relax, then be thankful. Right now, my heart is speaking to you all. I am not even speaking. Feel like am going to cry. This is how thankful I am. The opportunity to further your career does not come easy, so when you get that chance…you shine. Let your smile come out. Go out and be yourself. Show them you’re hungry. Go and get your meal. That is what I am doing. I am thankful for all the mentors who I have for giving me ideas and advice how to achieve my goals. I am so thankful I can cry. #Respect. I worked for this. All you need is that one chance and when you get, I said when you get it, you better go out there DOMINATE! Make them know YOUR name. I can keep going on my heart has so much to say. All I know is, I am already to go to work and put in work. If you don’t know what put in work means. Well, when you busting your butt and being productive, well, that is putting in work. The beginning of a new beginning.

Always be thankful and show your true self. Your true self always shows when you think no one is watching. I am comfortable with my true self, because I know in my heart, even if I don’t know you, I will still take that bullet for you. Because I know my heart won’t tolerate not helping someone out when I can. So am good with me. With that, I will say this a letter to you, yes, you reading this. Thank you! Thank you very much for the opportunity to further my goals. It is not going to be easy, but as long as you have support along the way. You are good. You need a Strong back for that support. Salute and Respect. Thank you for reading! See you guys next time. Comment if you like don’t be shy. Do which ever you please to do. One thing I know, always be thankful and be ready to soak in some knowledge. Brainy Versatility!

List of Two-bit Drawbacks that Irk You Off

People’s level of tolerance is different but we could not help on few occasions to be agitated to minor things. So here is a list of small drawbacks that could piss you off:

CAPTCHA. There are few times where you go to a site like Facebook or google and make you do these captchas; and it’s like a 3-5 minute affair. What makes it worse is this:


Really Google? really? Why you gotta be this ugly?

And to make the worse worst, some captchas have the check box you click, then it shows you a photo quiz requiring you to select all the images without an ostrich egg or something (odd one out). Then it will REALLLYYY aggravate you when half of the images are sh***y rundown decaying favela huts that roughly look like a shop but you just don’t know. Like you think you selected the right ones and when you clicked on the Submit button, you chose the wrong pictures. Like WTF?!

USB STICK. When you didn’t stick it in right the first time, you have to do it again and when you do, it’s either you accidentally drop it or your USB port is next to the restart button and accidentally pushed on it. Either way, you do it for the third time and got it wrong…AGAIN — third time is an effin charmer!

KIDS. I know this is a sensitive subject to parents but for real, there are incidents that some parents let their kids do disturbances to people around them. Like really dude? You gonna let your kid throw a tantrum and act like you don’t hear or care for that matter; and the person who receives this kind of inconvenience is left with no choice. People get that your kid is independent or whatever BUT they might think of punting your kid down if you ain’t gonna move.

ADULTS. Hey, it’s not only kids who get in the way, sometimes, adults too. Particularly, when they slow walking in front of you. Like for real, I just wanna sing Ludracris’ song: “Move B! Get out da way!”

VENDING MACHINE. Ever had a snack get stuck in a vending machine? And little thing you know that was the last damn change you got? Sucks innit?

MOP THAT FLOOR. This is specifically to people who are living with others. When you are designated to mop the floor and about to finish, then suddenly one of your roomies stepped on the newly mopped floor with their dirty shoes, leaving traces. Don’t you simply wanna yell at them?

QUESTIONS THAT WILL MAKE YOU — WOW. Don’t you just hate it when someone gonna initiate a conversation and when you’re already into it, she or he drops the question, “Am I bugging you?” out of nowhere? Like, really? Are you trying to get rid of me? Look here, if you don’t have the will to keep up with the convo, don’t even start one. Same scenario but a different question, instead of “Am I bugging you?” they going to ask you “Aren’t you sleepy?” I mean, dude, just tell the person you need to hit the sack rather than asking that.

PASSWORD. Setting-up an account needs a password (always) and you need to confirm so you gotta re-type the password. Two minor inconveniences that piss you off:
1.) The conditions in choosing your password like:
– it must be at least 8 characters in length
– it must contain a special character
– it would be advisable to mix lowercase characters with uppercases
– it must contain numbers, symbols, etc
2.) With all these conditions being met, either you got confused and didn’t match when you try to confirm it and you gotta do it all over again or it still says your password is too weak and the system denied it.


WET SOCKS. Putting on some nice pair of socks, before leaving, you went to the kitchen to grab a bite or drink water. Then, you stepped on something slimy or wet and having to go all the waayyyyy back to your room to put on a new pair. You might actually want to start hiding some pairs in your kitchen.

Life is full of drawbacks but at least try not to let the smallest things ruin your day. Like what Dory said, “Keep on swimming…”

Do you have anything you’d like to share? Comment below on some of the petty things you get easily annoyed with. Please subscribe, like or share and come join me in this journey to be more adaptive — Brainy Versatility style.



So I was scanning through some page on Reddit and I came across with this specific question, “What’s a sign that you should not trust someone?” Since I got time to kill, I began to read most out of the 500 comments listed. In the middle of it, I thought of, why not post this on my blog so y’all can have fun reading. So here are my top 20 signs:

1. When they reveal other people’s secrets to you.You just know they will do the same with your secret.

2. When you call them out on something minor and they double down on the lie.

3. When they’re always talking crap about their friends to you. It’s safe to assume they’re talking shit about you too.

4. You notice their opinion changes depending on who they’re around.

5. When they tell you consistently to trust them. LOOOOOL!

6. My friend taught me, “if someone has to tell you they’re something it’s because they’re not.” To this day I have yet to meet a person, who tells me they’re trustworthy that actually are.

7. When they say stuff like this: 95% of my conversations are governed by the realities you described. Empty conversation, day in and day out. The other 5% is when I’m drunk and sloppily telling my social group to shove their hollow words up their rear ends.

8. When they want to tell you the story of Darth Plagueis.

9. When they say things like: That little fish on the back of their car. Not even one of those people will sell me seafood.

10. When you’re gone to Tennessee to train for a new job for six weeks, so you can better support them and in your 3rd week you get a phone call at 9:30 pm from that person sobbing, because they feel guilty about meeting and banging someone on Tinder in your absence.

11. If they talk crap about other people all the time.

12. If they keep rubbing their hands together, whilst laughing manically. Moustache twirling and Victorian attire are also red flags!

13. If they screenshot on Snapchat.

14. When they tell you deeply personal things about themselves even though you just met.

15. When they start selling the perks of their personality to you, and defending themselves in scenarios they relate to you.

16. If your dog doesn’t like them.

17. When they violate other people’s trust. Red flag!

18. If they frequently cancel plans at the last minute. If they see you as such a low priority in their life, you know you can’t count on them when it matters.

19. When they abuse people who can’t fight back — rude to food service workers, retail clerks, shy people, or at least rude behind their backs.
Someday, you might be a person who can’t fight back.

20. Never trust someone who is constantly telling you other people’s personal crap.

If you want to check out the whole Reddit page, here’s the link:

I’d be glad if you could comment your two cents and let’s discuss this below. What are your top 3 or 5 signs? Please like, share or subscribe. Expand our minds and Be Adaptive. Brainy Versatility

National Women’s History Month: Celebrating WOMEN all around the world!


March is Women’s History Month. This goes back to 30 years ago. National Women’s History Month. A month to honor women’s achievements. To me, it is a month to celebrate all women of all kinds in general. Giving birth is an achievement in itself. That is respect. No man can go through birth. That is #respect. SALUTE. Even though, this is women’s month, they deserve every month of the year to be women’s month. They give birth, care, nurture us from birth to early adulthood. Everyone should appreciate women especially men. Women do so much for men in their lives, they should be appreciated. They have perseverance, caring, good listeners, loving, and inspirational. I mean, women were put on earth for a reason; Be thankful for their creation. Appreciate them because they are one of a kind. Yeah, some might say that some women does not deserve this month, BUT NO ONE IS PERFECT. You don’t know what happened in their past for them to do whatever issue they caused. Women are emotional and they take things to heart, BUT in every woman, she has a special quality in her since she was born; and for that they are appreciated.


Appreciating women begins from the time you were born. Your mom gave love and care to you. She gave you a bond that is a special and unique kind. From the appreciation you observe indirectly as a baby and kid should translate to appreciating women directly as an adult. Once you are an adult (talking about adult males here) and you find that one woman, you definitely will appreciate women more. How strong they are. How much power they have in encouraging you to live life. Giving you that support and believing in you. Women are distinct and beautiful people. I am thankful. I mean, the way she make you smile, the love she gives, how special she makes you feel, even when you get her mad and do silly things at times. She is still there. Even when you are mad at her, you still want to talk to her. She makes life better. That is special. Reasons like that are why women should be appreciated. The woman I just describe is probably reading this, well she is. Thanks to you and Happy Women’s Month to you and every woman in the world.

I know women’s history month is for women’s equality, achievements, and rights, but you have to appreciate women before all that comes in to play in my mind. Appreciation means Respect. Once you respect someone, then you can build from that. Women history month is for celebrating their notable achievements. I do not like singling out things like this, so in my mind, this month is for all women, all shapes and sizes. They deserve recognition too. So they get it. Appreciate women everyday, even when it is hard to do. Appreciate them. I know I am. Women. Women Power. Women’s month. Celebrating women 365. Thankful.

Take a time to acknowledge the women in your life, a simple thank you will suffice. Come and join my journey by reading, liking, subscribing or commenting on my blogs. Be Knowledgeable. Brainy Versatility.