LA Lakers Making Moves: Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson making BIG Changes in Los Angeles


You thought the DeMarcus Cousins deal after the All Star Game was the biggest thing? NOTTTT. Lakers are topping that with Jeanie Buss cleaning out the front office with taking the basketball duties away from her brother, Jim Buss. Mitch Kupchak, the great general manager for the Lakers for years and a former Los Angeles Lakers player,  is also going to be replaced as well. The Clean Out is real. Magic Johnson is in charge now and the Lakers are about to be relevant again. Free agents are coming to Los Angeles this summer. Expect big names and Magic will make it happen. Lakers are about to do it big; we will see.

lalakers1This clean out was coming for a while and Jeanie Buss making it happen. I bet Los Angeles Lakers Fans are ecstatic right now. Happy as they can be. Magic Johnson being the President of Basketball Operations is a good move since he knows basketball. I mean, the man is a legend and one of the greatest basketball minds ever. Los Angeles Lakers are in good hands. Lakers’ fans got the answers they need. Lakers’ fans should thank Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson. Who knows Phil Jackson might come back to the Lakers too. On that thought, she clean house with Phil Jackson too. They are not together anymore. Some one got her fire up today. You go girl! Making changes. Changes are for the good, sometimes. So we will see. Think Positive. Greatness is coming back to the Los Angeles Lakers with the basketball moves made. Los Angeles Lakers’ fans, I know, I know, you all are 😀 right now.


Even better, the Los Angeles Lakers have some good young players. Julius Randle, D’ Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Lance Jr. (his father played in the NBA, Larry Lance, a high tall flyer himself and you can see lalakers3why his son got the ups from) and Brandon Ingram. Wait to they develop and get some Star Players around them. Their record is not good this year and Luke Walton, the young coach, will have to have some time to get some veteran players and develop this young players. With the Free Agent Star or Stars they might pick up this summer. The Lakers might be taking Los Angeles back from the Los Angeles Clippers. Magic is running the Shows in Los Angeles now; as he did when he was the Point Guard at 6 feet 9 inches of the Lakers, when he was the leader of the Show Time Lakers in the 80’s. Greatness. Big Move. Legend Status.Woman Power. Improvement. Brainy Versatility.

What is your take regarding this news? Will Magic gonna do his “magic” to have the Lakers on top of the game? Or is just another big news but no context to it? Tell me your thoughts, comment below.