The man with the heart of a 7footer: ISAIAH THOMAS!


Behind the Scene VIDEO OF Current and Former NBA Stars.



They say, “big things come in small packages,” well, with Isaiah Thomas, it is definitely, 100% true. This Celtic Superstar is making big waves in the NBA. In this video, you’ll get to know the story behind the name — Isaiah Thomas.


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Lavar Ball: Is he the downfall of the Ball Brothers?

For the past couple of weeks, Lavar Ball has been making headlines regarding his sons, especially Lonzo Ball, a NCAA Superstar. Daddy Ball has a lot to say, from his son should be getting a billion, yes a BILLION (mind you) dollar deal with Nike, Lonzo a better player than Curry and even saying on an interview that he’s gonna whoop Michael Jordan’s ass in a one-on-one game. I mean, c’mon man! We are talking about MJ here, the greatest NBA Player of All Time. But wait! He didn’t just diss the current NBA players, Lebron’s son got dissed too! Check out this video:

Parents are our first teacher on everything and all they want is the BEST for their kids. But where is the borderline of being a parent? Do you think Lavar Ball is taking this whole situation too far? Let me hear y’all opinion about this issue.

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NBA Enforcer Matt Barnes early Up-bringing!

Matt Barnes Golden State Warriors early childhood documentary

Real tough guy.

Watch and learn how he grew up and became the man he is today!


Who would have thought Matt Barnes will go back to the organization where he started? He maybe an underrated NBA Star but he surely made his trademark. Let us all take a sneak peek at the life of a true baller: Matt Barnes.

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Drama in La La Land Family!


It is out there that the Buss Family Brother (Johnny and Jim Buss) were trying to have a meeting with the minority Lakers’ owners to have a new replacement for Jeanie Buss (Johnny’s and Jim’s sister), the Board of Director position. This happened because Jeanie Buss cleaned out and replace the front office personnel including her brother (Jim Buss) in it, who was the President of the Basketball Operations with Magic Johnson. Looks like Jim didn’t like it and try to remove Jeanie Buss as the Board of Director with someone else legally, but the case was dismissed. Jeanie Buss is still in charge and some people just don’t get it when they are not doing the right thing like leading the Lakers front office and the Lakers to be prominent again. Dr. Jerry Buss was right in putting Jeanie Buss in charge of the Lakers. Smart man and clearly he knew what was best for the team.

buss1The family feud just got tense. Someone is feeling some type of way, but I do believe Jeanie Buss did the right thing with changing the mood of the organization to make Lakers a team to be on top again. Jim Buss should not be mad or surprise that he was told to leave. I mean, come on! If you going to do something then don’t let your pride get in the way. Not letting pride get in the way, allows you to look into somewhere else minds, young or old and learn from them for the greater good. This feud shouldn’t be a problem with the team or the front office if they are focus and handle their business instead of feeding the feud. Magic Johnson is the new President of Basketball Operations, so with his winning personalities and basketball knowledge, he can do big things. Being patient and the Lakers will be back to the NBA Top Notch, as they been in the past. Stay positive and don’t let the drama get in. Stay with the head up. In the future, the Lakers may get that NBA Final Trophy again.

Jeanie Buss is a mature woman and she will handle this drama in a legal way and settle buss2everything. I do know one thing though, she knows she can’t be too nice to her brothers anymore. Some people can be ungrateful like geesh! If you’re not good at something and your boss said its time well the person has to be understanding and get over it, not try to get the boss kick off especially when the boss was right in her decision. It was a no brainer. Like, come on! Be thankful for no matter what. Jeanie Buss got this though. She got the lawyers working on things and smoothing it out, I bet. You go girl, Jeanie Buss. It is Women’s History Month so shine even more. Power. Empowerment. Maturity. Leadership. Boss. Respect — that is what is going to get the Lakers back to the top and pass this family feud.

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Can the Golden State Warriors Deliver a Championship RING without Kevin Durant? The Original Team Needs to Get Their Chemistry Back!


Before I start, let me give you all a quick run down of what is going on from the beginning. Kevin Durant left in the first quarter of the Washington Wizards game. Home return for him, uh. He has a Grade 2 Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Sprain and Tibial Bone Bruise. Kevin Durant and teammate, Zaza Pachulia, collided, which caused the injuries Kevin sustained. It is not sure when Durant will be back, but the question is, even if he did come back by the end of the season, will he be healthy enough to be an All Star contributor to the Golden State Warriors winning a ring? Will the original team with the main ingredient being Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala be enough to win it all? Well, it doesn’t look like that, since they lost to the Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls. Making them losing their 1st back to back game in years. Keep in mind that, out of the last 9 games, Warriors lost 5 out of those 9. Losing another back to back to back. 3 games losing streak: one to the Boston Celtics, Minessota Timberwolves and the San Antonio Spurs as of now. If the warriors have to get their chemistry back with the original ingredient team, well, it doesn’t look like they might have enough time. Playoff is about chemistry and with limited games left to develop some on court chemistry their chances of wining a ring is up in the air. With what Coach Steve Kerr is doing with benching starters and not playing them will see if it works. They need to relax and withstand the pressure. They need to recollect themselves and get back to their winning ways.

It is simply that the Warriors need Kevin Durant to win a ring. They need some star power to put them over the top. Critics are saying that the Warriors wouldn’t even get out the 1st round without being Durant healthy. The Warriors will not beat the Cavaliers in the Championship round if Kevin Durant isn’t there, says Charles Barkley. I think he might be right. I mean, look, the Cavaliers has heart after wining the championship game after being down 3-1. I mean, the Cavs owned the Warriors original team, so unless Durant comes back and gives them that big boost over the championship top, I don’t think Warriors has it in them. I like the Matt Barnes pick up. He is a baller and he has heart, so that is good they have him and Draymond Green. He might give them that heart that they need. Kevin Durant being out indefinitely is a big deal in the Warriors world. Lets hope the Warriors has the best of the best doctors, doctor of physical therapists included to help Durant dominate this injury. No one knew how big Durant was to the team winning a championship but now they know.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green

With Kevin Durant being healthy, well, the Warriors are going to the NBA Finals. Durant gives the Warriors a chance to dominate but that doesn’t mean they will win the ring. But all you need is a chance and Kevin Durant is THAT chance that needs to get physically healthy for the Warriors to get back on top. This is grinding month in the NBA season, so the Warriors has to be focus and do some work. They need to stop tripping and buckle down. Ignore all the distractions and let the doctors work on Durant to get him back in time and fully healthy for the playoffs or maybe the second round of the playoffs. The question is, can the Golden State Warriors actually win it all in the NBA Playoffs? That answer is everyone’s opinion right now, but the real answers will come in June when we see who are in the finals, so lets see what happens. Most people think they will not win the championship without Durant because they have no faith in the Warriors without Durant. I think Durant will be okay and he will come back to the All Star player he is. But will the Warriors win the Championship without Durant? Well, hmmmmm, it doesn’t look like it right now, but we will see. Keep hope alive and stay focusing. Deal with the task in hand and all will be good. If the Warriors get their mind right and get Durant back, I think they might have a good chance to win it all thinking about it. Watch out for the Spurs though. People always sleeping on the Spurs, but the Warriors needs to tighten up to win this ring. I think they have it in them. They just need to re-focus.

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