Northern vs. Southern

Pats vs. the Texans game looked like New England was going to run away with it. Texans defense was not having it with interception and sack of Tom Brady. Tom Brady didn’t like the way his team was playing. As we, all know Tom Brady to be he leads his team into the red zone. The game was 14-13 New England after the Texan fought back. Tom Brady led the pats into a field goal toward the end of the second quarter. He threw a 48-ysrd completion to Edelman. Then a run then a pass to Hogan to put the first and goal. Brady tried to run into the end zone for a touchdown but Brady is too slow Clowney stopped him. The Texans defense played good toward the end of the first half. Stopped Tom Brady from getting a TD and hold them into a field goal. Close game 17-13 Pats at the end of the first half.

Second half is a different story. Lewis balled out this game. Lewis has been out most of the year but this game he had 3 touchdowns but it was closed game until that 4th quarter. Lewis touchdown pulled the game away. Texans played a hard game. Patriots’ defense balling this time of the year, as they have been known to. Patriots had 3 sacks by the 4th quarter. Texans tried hard to come back with giving Grimes the running back the ball. Osweiler, the quarterback of the Texans, looking like a waste of money with how he played this year. Sorry to be mean but that is the truth. Honest truth should show what a person is made of. I hope he worked hard this offseason and prove others and me wrong. That is what I will like to see. Turn the negative into positive.

Pats are off to the sixth straight AFC Championship game. Pats playing at home in the playoffs? It’s like already a win. People might not like them but they keep winning. They have the winning formula. They do not need stars but players that can play in their system. They are good as long as Tom Brady over there throwing TDs looking like the Hall of fame player he is. What a day though. Looks like the Pats already giving themselves motivation saying they didn’t play well. In which they didn’t. So watch out for the pats coming out fierce next week. Brady got something for the Steelers next week.  It is gooooing to be a goooooooooooooooooooood game.

Stay tune and expand your mind. Brainy Versatility style. With 34-16, Pats won.