Northern vs. Southern

Pats vs. the Texans game looked like New England was going to run away with it. Texans defense was not having it with interception and sack of Tom Brady. Tom Brady didn’t like the way his team was playing. As we, all know Tom Brady to be he leads his team into the red zone. The game was 14-13 New England after the Texan fought back. Tom Brady led the pats into a field goal toward the end of the second quarter. He threw a 48-ysrd completion to Edelman. Then a run then a pass to Hogan to put the first and goal. Brady tried to run into the end zone for a touchdown but Brady is too slow Clowney stopped him. The Texans defense played good toward the end of the first half. Stopped Tom Brady from getting a TD and hold them into a field goal. Close game 17-13 Pats at the end of the first half.

Second half is a different story. Lewis balled out this game. Lewis has been out most of the year but this game he had 3 touchdowns but it was closed game until that 4th quarter. Lewis touchdown pulled the game away. Texans played a hard game. Patriots’ defense balling this time of the year, as they have been known to. Patriots had 3 sacks by the 4th quarter. Texans tried hard to come back with giving Grimes the running back the ball. Osweiler, the quarterback of the Texans, looking like a waste of money with how he played this year. Sorry to be mean but that is the truth. Honest truth should show what a person is made of. I hope he worked hard this offseason and prove others and me wrong. That is what I will like to see. Turn the negative into positive.

Pats are off to the sixth straight AFC Championship game. Pats playing at home in the playoffs? It’s like already a win. People might not like them but they keep winning. They have the winning formula. They do not need stars but players that can play in their system. They are good as long as Tom Brady over there throwing TDs looking like the Hall of fame player he is. What a day though. Looks like the Pats already giving themselves motivation saying they didn’t play well. In which they didn’t. So watch out for the pats coming out fierce next week. Brady got something for the Steelers next week.  It is gooooing to be a goooooooooooooooooooood game.

Stay tune and expand your mind. Brainy Versatility style. With 34-16, Pats won.


Battle of the Birds

Whom you think will win between Seahawks and Falcons? Hmmmm…animal talk, LOL. I think Seahawks probably will win but it is probably in the heart. As I continue to watch the game, looks like the Falcons will win this won one. Falcons has too much offensive weapon. They are quick, fast, and aggressive, from the wide receivers to the running backs. Seahawks got a long day ahead of them. Matt Ryan picking them apart.99 yd pick apart for a touchdown to be exact. Everyone going to be involved in these first downs after first down then touchdown falcon game. Anything in life is about heart. Who wants it more? How much do you want it? Seahawks are beaten down with losing some key players like Earl Thomas and Lockett. I think Falcons should win this game because Seahawks defense is not as good as recent past. They are not an intercepting or sack team as much anymore. Their defense is still good but they got some holes to be attack. Like Sherman is good but he cannot cover Julio Jones. They are both tall but come on man?! Julio is a freak, being able to run and jump…and catch the football at his height. Geeeez. Scary thinking about it. He already got a touchdown in the first half. It’s definitely a big day to come for him.

Seahawks chance to help offensively is Devin Hester. Well, the man is a kick and punt return legend. In the open field just say touchdown. At his age, he is still a threat to take it to the house for a touchdown. Nevertheless, the Seahawks keep getting penalties messing up Hester returning yards. Thomas Rawl and the Seahawk Offense need to go somewhere, especially Rawl, he always getting injured. Like ugh! If you had him on your fantasy team, you would know what am talking about. Like go somewhere, man! LOL. It’s all good though (LOL). In addition, Falcon defense exposed them today as they did with stopping Rawl on the 4-yard line and then getting Russell Wilson with a safety. The game still closes in the first half 10-19 Falcons. This game is a playoff game. Expect fighting to be involved. After all, it is football lost of hormones and emotion involves. Playoff games are not easy. Who want it? Falcon playing at home so home crowd should give them the favorite.

Jones putting on a show. Seahawks offense struggling cannot get a touchdown but they getting field goals. You can’t win with field goals in this kind of game. Seahawk offense being their usual self. Falcons finished them off. Like bye-bye. Dirty Falcons on the Seahawks. Old flashback with Jaamal. However, Russell Wilson was not going out like that with a touchdown to Baldwin. Falcons’ defense had a good game with interception and strip. Falcons wasn’t going to allowed Wilson to make come back sorry Wilson not today. Falcon to the NFC Championship game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan balled out getting some touchdowns. Three TD to be exact and 338 total yards. 36-20. Falcons won. Packers Vs Falcons for the NFC Championship game.

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Tough Game

With Chiefs and Steelers playing, you already know it was going to be tough, even tougher with it being a playoff game to play for the AFC Championship game versus the Patriots.  The game was close from beginning to end (In my view that is). The Chiefs defense was giving Levon Bell the work; giving him the work but he still balled out for 170 yards. Antoine Brown did its thing as always. Nevertheless, the story of the game was the Kicker Boswell setting records. It is not easy playing in the Chiefs’ stadium, however, Steelers getting it done in there while Chiefs fighting back most of the game. Brrrr! It’s cold up there in Kansas. I like cold but not that kind of cold (just a random thought, anyways…). Steelers’ defense playing good too, like, James Harrison is a monster, a 38-yr old still getting it. I guess, all those Acupuncture he always get seems to be working.

Alex Smith, even though underrated, is a good QB (quarterback).  He makes the most important plays; making some miraculous last down plays with Conway and Maclin. He was fighting already, but Steelers’ defense not having it. He fought and brought the chiefs back to a two- point game. I mean, c’mon! You know it was going to be close; it’s the Chiefs and the Steelers. The Chiefs’ offensive players are hard to bring down – This is a battlefield. Be ready to play. This is how Alex Smith got them to a 2-point game.

With 3mins and 30secs left in the game, the Chiefs has the ball on Steelers 5-yard line. Fourth and 2 down by 8, do or go home. Pressure time but they connected. They got the last down; last and goal from the 1. They got the full back Sherman the ball for the pressure last down. Ware finished off the drive with a touchdown bringing the Chiefs to a 2-point game. The season on the line, Chiefs needs to get a two-point conversation and they got it. However, of course, the Chiefs got a penalty and the 2 points was no good. They got one more chance to tie the game from the 15-yard line. The conversation got harder now and they did not connect the two-point conversation. Two-point game with 2:53 left, Steelers has the ball and closes the game out. Steelers won by 2 18-16 and on to the Patriots for a shot to the super bowl. It was indeed a close exciting game!

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Cheese Head Day

The battle of the offenses. The Defense for both teams is rather suspected (so I thought), but Cowboys defense came through in crunch time. Getting sacks and stopping the run. The best offense will win. Dallas has home field advantage so they should get the home crowd favorite. The game started with a Cowboys field goal. Aaron Rodgers came back with a TD to the tight end Rodgers, giving the Packers 7-3 lead. Packers going down the field for a 14-3 lead in the 2nd quarter so will see. Ty Montgomery the wide receiver turn running back got a touchdown in the 2nd quarter to give the packers a 14-3 lead. Aaron Rodgers started hot well he is a legend. That man is a badddddd mannnnn! Cowboys looking rusty but no time for that the winner goes to the NFC Championship game. Aaron Rodgers leading his team with first downs and long throws down the field. Cowboys started slow in the last half. Packers balling with a 21-3 lead and Montgomery scoring two TDS to give the Packers 18 points in the 2nd quarter. Cowboys weren’t going out like that with Dez Bryant getting that 40-yard TD. Getting his last career post season TD. Ended up with 2TD. Hard to imagine huh? Dez playing with his inner gangster, LOL. Romo on the bench with that headphone on. Cowboys fan happy, LOL. 21-10 Packers. Dak Prescott started to turn it on with running and getting them continuation yards. 21-13 Packers 2nd half. Cowboys’ offense coming on.

Packers started the second half with a lead down the field for a touchdown. Rodger doing his thing. Boy! It’s about to be a show. Cowboys about to close in on the lead of the packers. Ezekiel Elliot runs threw a big hole for a first down. The Cowboys Offensive Line needs to live up to their big name and open up lanes for Elliot to ball out. Which they did in the third quarter. Prescott threw an interception a telegraph play for a Hyde interception. The pass was met for Bryant but Packers had second thoughts. Come on Cowboys! better play than that. Rodger number 12 being a surgeon picking the cowboys weak D apart. They prove me wrong though, because Heath dove for a Rodger pass for an interception and gave the momentum back to the Cowboys. No surgeon going on around here huh for them Packers. Cowboys take advantage of the turnover as Dez Bryant catches some passes for critical first downs. Ezekiel not ready to go home yet though. The boys’ offense running in the 4th quarter bringing the game closer 20-28.Cowboys looking good in the fourth. They are moving the chains down the field. Getting some penalties called on the Packers.

Ezekiel spinning and not playing like a rookie running back. Prescott about hook up with Bryant for that TD which he did. Bryant came to play tonight. Looked like the cowboys going for two, which they did and tie the game up. Prescott ran it in for the two-point conversation. Looked like the packers might run away with the game. Cowboys got something to say about that. Boys looking good to win the game. Rodgers about to change the score of the game. Adams will catch but is injured after the last down. However, Cowboys’ defense holds the Packers to a field goal, a 56-yard field goal like wooooooah! Crosby made the 56-yard field goal. What a kicker! Greenbay Packers scoring leading in regular season and post season as Crosby came through in clutch time. Damn! A 56-yard field goal packer record, third longest in NFL post-season history. Ninety-three seconds left, Prescott ball and well the rookie did leading the team down to a field goal for the tie. Bailey made it look easy but he is one of the best kickers in the league. That accuracy he has is off the chain, boy! Packers got 35 seconds to win the game. Heath (#38) for the Cowboys playing like a baller. With interception and sacks. 3 and 20 with 12 seconds left Jared cook got the last down.

How does someone that big catch the ball like that? What a flexible catch but it all happened with #12 Aaron Rodgers. He is a badddddddddddmannnnnnnnn. 50-yard kick for the game winner. Crosby a clutch kicker so with 3 seconds left made the 51-yard field goal easy but the kicker was ice with a timeout. Crosby with the game winning Field goal. Packers win 34-31 Cowboys just being the Cowboys. They are like Dolphins; they let you down when you believe in them. Crosby clutch so you already it was good before the kick. What a game! What a game! You feeel me?!? Falcons vs. Packers for a trip to the super bowl, let’s go!

Get Brainy and Expand your mind. Sports is life because you get so many valuable lessons from them.