Quick thought: Get outside your comfort zone

Being weird is good. Being normal is boring.Get outside your comfort zone to be an overall solid individual.

Without risk, there is no growth. Like it has been said If it doesn’t challenge you it does not change you.

I get outside my comfort sometimes. I challenge myself whether maybe mental discipline or physical challenges. I challenge myself to be a better individual.

The goal is a to be a success. Whichever success is to you. Challenge yourself towards it.

Quick Thoughts. Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive.

Quick thought: New Post coming soon tonight!

You win some and you lose some.

As long as you are winning more than losing. Then you are GOOD!

Even when you lose some well you are still winning. Think about that!

You gain some new knowledge every time you win or lose in something.

Ponder that!

Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive.