How the Oscars Made my Night! Hercules! Hercules!

oscars1.pngI didn’t know the Oscar was this big. Excuse me here, don’t jump on me (LOL) for not knowing. It is good watching people be happy and adding accomplishments to their lives. In the case of Andrew Garfield, being nominated for best Actor in the Oscars…in his first nominated Oscar. What a day it must be for him. I know his whole family and friends are happy. All that hard work and just grinding is paying off. He got his chance and made the best out of it. Good hearing stories like that. I am sure it wasn’t an easy road for him, but he kept at it. Look at him now at the Oscar with all the stars — Salute. This is a living proof of opportunity meeting hard work. Shout out to all the nominees.


On another good note, the Oscars giving equal opportunity to all colors. Life is about equality, being able to give the right for an opportunity. Good to see them changing the rules and look past race, well, I hope they look past race. I think, this is why some people aren’t fond of the Oscars as I found out. So, the Lion’s actor Dev Patel and Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali getting their first nomination at the Oscars. Special shout out to Dev Patel! He is there with his mom…aww! Touch heart 😀 Don’t hate (LOL), thats #respect. Patel and Ali fought for their chance and got it. Patel campaigned for having a role in the movie Lion and it is paying off. All his hard work is paying off. Same goes for Ali, he’s an impressive man and it shows he has good work ethic. Congratulations to Mahershala Ali on having his first daughter this week. Ali winning his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He acted like he suppose to win the Oscar and he is the first Muslim to win the Oscars, which is hard to believe. Be always thankful, good or bad. I know, he is thankful.


The way the Oscars end with La La Land wining Best Pictures, BUT they didn’t because Moonlight won it. Shout out to Moonlight cast getting some Oscars. I got to watch Moonlight. I recommend y’all to watch that film bacause it is so touching. All you need is a chance. As you see, people in power giving people chances and you see the wonders they do. Just look like the two black men from Liberty City’s writer/director, Barry Jenkins, and writer, Tarell Alvin McCraney, wining the Best Adapted Screenplay. Taking that Oscar to the 305. If you don’t know about Liberty City, well, it is an inner city in Miami, Florida. Lets just say if you made it out of there, you got mad heart. Lots of crimes, drugs and illegal activities over there and not place you see people thrive. For them to thrive that hard, bring joy to my heart. Mad Respect to y’all.

oscars4Some or probably most people in the inner city…wait…let’s just say people in general, need is a chance as to what Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney did; and look at them wining that Oscar. It almost made me cry. You know the stress they have to go to just to survive in Liberty City. I know about Miami and I know they got resiliency in them. I mean, success story like this makes you cry. If you knew the area where they are from, you will definitely cry too. I mean, if you don’t have no kind of emotions for this, you got no heart. Show some love in your heart and get the hatred out your heart, that is real struggle they went through to get to the Oscar. Thank you to the people who gave them a chance. Much love. Oscars giving people equal opportunities now. Salute. Mad Respect. Salute.

This is a big night and a big event. Name of clothes I haven’t even heard oscars5.pngof, but I am willing to learn. I am rooting for the first time nominees as it’s always a good feeling working hard and getting the result. This is sacrificing for your goal and achieving it. Yeah, be happy for them, I know I am. Shout out and respect to Moonlight. Oh man, that made my night. I hope they are giving back and give a chance to the people of Liberty City like the chance they got. Ending with a good note. Chances. Hard work paid off. Believing in yourself. Others believing in you. Getting Chances. Giving back. Caring. Heart.

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Rumalaya Review

I brought the Rumalaya for joint relieve like a month ago. The bottle had like 60 pills. For the initials days you take four pills a day. Two at a time then two pills a day one at a time. If you don’t know about Rumalaya it’s for joint relieve and other benefits factors like frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatic and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The brand I got was Himalaya herbal healthcare. The Ingredient is Maharasnadi quath (1300mg). I guess it worked. Joint felt somewhat good. It has a taste to it for the tablets after you take it. Sometimes you might feel woosy if you do not eat sometime taking it. My overall review was it was all right. A rating of five of ten.

I was expecting a good result but the result was okay. The pills were supposed to working from inside out. Inside out as in going to the root of the issue in the body and sort it out. Instead of using a gel to work for some hours and the issue is back. If you want to solve any joint or internal problem its best to go natural with herbs in my opinion. Its natural and it is from the earth not some medicine that you do not know how they made it in the lab and it has side effects on it too. I am into herbs because it is natural. I am into natural stuff, you feel me?

Now, that’s my review on it but I will like to try other herbs for joint because the herb did work for the most part just that I guess I have high expectation. It’s as if you have to have high expectation. But the product is a good product. Guess if I would of used it some more months I would have different opinions about it. I am open minded so ill like to know what other people think and their knowledge on herbs. I tried other herbs but this is my latest one that I was using.

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