Rumalaya Review

I brought the Rumalaya for joint relieve like a month ago. The bottle had like 60 pills. For the initials days you take four pills a day. Two at a time then two pills a day one at a time. If you don’t know about Rumalaya it’s for joint relieve and other benefits factors like frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatic and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The brand I got was Himalaya herbal healthcare. The Ingredient is Maharasnadi quath (1300mg). I guess it worked. Joint felt somewhat good. It has a taste to it for the tablets after you take it. Sometimes you might feel woosy if you do not eat sometime taking it. My overall review was it was all right. A rating of five of ten.

I was expecting a good result but the result was okay. The pills were supposed to working from inside out. Inside out as in going to the root of the issue in the body and sort it out. Instead of using a gel to work for some hours and the issue is back. If you want to solve any joint or internal problem its best to go natural with herbs in my opinion. Its natural and it is from the earth not some medicine that you do not know how they made it in the lab and it has side effects on it too. I am into herbs because it is natural. I am into natural stuff, you feel me?

Now, that’s my review on it but I will like to try other herbs for joint because the herb did work for the most part just that I guess I have high expectation. It’s as if you have to have high expectation. But the product is a good product. Guess if I would of used it some more months I would have different opinions about it. I am open minded so ill like to know what other people think and their knowledge on herbs. I tried other herbs but this is my latest one that I was using.

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