Day 11 and 12 Workout: Getting in shape and feel good

I really need to find my earphones and music player for tired days when I got to work out. I kind of feel like my body getting in shape back. The shot drilling workout getting my shot and foot work technique right. Think, I am going to change it up (though). This might be the last week; going to find some other kind of workout. I am getting used and bored with this one, which means I have to change it. Workout is about motivation; and doing workout that bores you not going to motivate you. SO probably new workout next week or maybe not, we will see. My shots looking good though, with my flick on the wrist on the basketball was feeling good. Its about wrist rotation too in shooting.

Once I get in rhythm, my jumper is pretty good. Mess around and drop nothing but net on you, LOL. Did some running today from my free, throw misses (LOL) but its all good; it is a win-win situation. I get in shape and get my free throw better. Running today and my knees feeling better, so we about to get it. My knees are good, you all chill (LOL), just need to start stretching more. Stretching is wonderful when you do it. No more cramps too. I am about to get everything in rotation again; getting use to the daily healthy routine again 😀 Lets get it 😀

Running was long and boring, LOL, but I finished though. My body feeling better. I did like a mile running, so lost like 100 calories, LOL. I can feel my body changing. This is my 3rd week and wait till I get my nutrition right. Its about to go bananas! Think am actually going to change my workout up. On the 3rd-4th week, change your workout up so you don’t plateau and you don’t get bored (you know). This workout about to get it. I am excited and running I am. Running to beat my challenges up, LOL.

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Day Four: Running

Today is cardio day so did some running at night in the gym alone. Going to be watching TV and running. Got some peace and quiet at the gym and that treadmill got it. It went by so fast today tough. Running 30 mins was quick. Pump for this run. It nice running and you can see your calves flexing as your running. I know! Look at those calves, LOL. Don’t be mad, you don’t have calves like mine. Have fun with it! Its life 😀

Think am going to change up the cardio do something creative and make it even more fun. Not sure what it is yet, but it would be challenging and creative in a way. But this is only week one, so I can’t move too fast. Start small and end big. One day at a time, you know. Lets get it this.

Running for 30 mins and sounds long and painful (huh?) BUT its not as bad as it is. I am tall and big before you know it, its over. Time up from running! I will be glassing people and grabbing blocks instead of smacking it, LOL. Be flying in the air. My heart needs this cardio though. My whole body and your body needs it; so lets go! Workout y’all. I know it is Saturday BUT its only a little fraction of your day.

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