Spurs dont play that. Straight Beat DOWN




San Antonio Spurs handled the Houston Rockets. No taking off over here for the Spurs.

I told you all that Spurs going to come in game 2 and straight put in work.

They handled them. Popovich does not play that.

Spurs came into handled business tonight.SCalm

Straight W

Spurs dont play that. Preparation.

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Houston we have Lift Off!





Ummm I was not expecting San Antonio Spurs to get straight beat down like that by Rocthe Houston Rockets. Like what happened. I turned the game on after a long day and I just finished running. I saw the score in the 3rd quarter like wtf. Is this a dream? Are you for real? That was unlike the spurs. It was like they were not ready at all. You don’t expect that from a Popovich coach team. Simply put I was shocked. That was unacceptable Spurs. Over 30 points beat down most of the game like really really?

Now let me get on Coach Popovich. This coach is so cool under pressure. He was not Scoacheven phased after the game at the press conference. All he said was they(Spurs) lost and they(Rockets) won. Even he was even laughing. He is a smart coach and he gives it to you real. Be ready for the Spurs to be awake and prepared in game two on Wednesday. After how the Spurs got outplayed by the Houston Rockets I know the spurs going to give them then works in game 2.

Overall, I must say the Rockets impressed me. They played well as a team. They were executing and making shots. James Harden made his team better. It was Scoshocking that the Rockets did what they did to the Spurs in San Antonio I would say. Shout to the Rockets for winning game 1 in a blowout in the Texas series Show-Down. GAME 2 HERE WE COME!



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MSG Closed Up

This game I thought the Spurs was going to win BUT I was wrong. The game was close to the end. I thought the San Antonio Spurs was going to pull away with the lead. The New York Knicks was sticking around and leading most in the game. Spurs didn’t have their normal game this Sunday Afternoon game. Kawhi Leonard was making clutch shots in this game. Knicks’ defense came through at the end though; their offense did some damage too.


Willy Hernangomez is a good player and a finesse player making acrobatic lay up and dunks. He can get double figures and a good center for the Knicks. Good young guy for the Knicks to have; however, this game was Melo game though. Carmelo Anthony put the fist in the heart of the Spurs with his 3 point to put the Knicks even further after the steal on the other end by the Knicks. The game was still close though Melo and Kawhi going at it.


Melo end the game with his mid range jumper. The game was in the hands of the Knicks to win. This win will be their biggest win of the year. Well the season, so yeah and they did it! They won and close the game out in Madison Square Garden on Sunday Afternoon. This game was a good close finish. Melo got clutch in his veins. He led his team to victory this game. Heart and being clutch. Knicks won by 4 94-90.

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