I did not even know the NHL All star game was this Sunday, better yet this weekend. Like I didn’t see no advertisement about it. It just came out of no where. I saw it on NBC. This is Brainy Versatility where you expand your knowledge in every aspect of life whether it may sports. You don’t normally watch or books, herbal supplements, life, any thing that can expand your mind. Brainy Versatility is with it. Now let me get to the ALL Star Game. This is not like the NBA All star game in my books but it was something different to watch. The game was in California. I must admit I learn some new things.

Shea Weber wining the hardest shot for the 3rd straight time and Sydney Crosby wining the NHL Accuracy shot match up against the number pick of the 2016 draft. He better win against a rookie. I like hockey but just wasn’t tune into watching it till now. Expect to see my view on some NHL games in the near future. The All star event was OK, got to get familiar with this skills event they have. I will be watching it up close so nothing with the NHL catch me by surprise. But, the game was different it was name differently am still like what with that. Metropolitan VS. Pacific. I like east and west in my opinion. Metropolitan won 4-3.

I like that the players were mic up and relax show their personality. I see Crosby and Alex Ovechkin chilling and talking. I seen they got beef going at each other on ice but looks like they cool off the ice. Oops! Can’t say off the court, LOL. Its life and this is just a game so have fun and enjoy the journey as you go through life. I see a bunch of new stars at the All Star game like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. Both number 1 pick in the NHL Draft. Going to be watching some Hockey and I soooooo want to go to a hockey game.

Expand your mind and try new things. Have some change in life, don’t stick to the same thing over and over. Change it up. Spice it up. Be adaptive to the unknown.