Pats’ Day

New England Patriots started the game off with an early lead. Pats defense doing their thing. Holding the Steelers offense to no long yard completions. It was Hogan day with 2 TD from Tom Brady. 180 yards and 2 TD from Chris Hogan aka 7/11 why well he is always open as he was today. 7/11 all in Steelers weak secondary. Pats dominated the game. This was a blow out. Brady was himself doing his thing. Lewis to Brady to hogan for a TD that’s how bad the secondary got burnnned. This wasn’t even a game.

Steelers playing that Zone defense was not working. Zone for the weak. Brady smelled blood and he attacked. Pats defense, offense, special teams are laser focused for the Superbowl title. I expected more from the steelers but Levon Bell got injured and I guess that threw off their game plan. Still its football got to be ready for everything. Steelers need to get better on that defense for the future.

With that being said Pats going to the Superbowl against the Falcons in which they should win. Pats defense going to put that stop to Falcons high power offense. Brady not playing he is ready. They did better than last week after the team didn’t play as well. They already trying the pats saying if they can beat or ready for falcons defense<<< Is this a joke? LMAO with the hmmm. Anyways, I know its the weekend but stay of that stuff, Bro, and broooettt (LOL) like Falcons defense nothing to stress about, another LOL! psshhh. Anyways Brady about to go brain surgeon of that Falcons defense they alright but psshhhh its Brady he going to straight doo dooo dooo brown on that, LOL. Superbowl 51 Pats vs Falcons who do you have now or who you think will win?

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Tough Game

With Chiefs and Steelers playing, you already know it was going to be tough, even tougher with it being a playoff game to play for the AFC Championship game versus the Patriots.  The game was close from beginning to end (In my view that is). The Chiefs defense was giving Levon Bell the work; giving him the work but he still balled out for 170 yards. Antoine Brown did its thing as always. Nevertheless, the story of the game was the Kicker Boswell setting records. It is not easy playing in the Chiefs’ stadium, however, Steelers getting it done in there while Chiefs fighting back most of the game. Brrrr! It’s cold up there in Kansas. I like cold but not that kind of cold (just a random thought, anyways…). Steelers’ defense playing good too, like, James Harrison is a monster, a 38-yr old still getting it. I guess, all those Acupuncture he always get seems to be working.

Alex Smith, even though underrated, is a good QB (quarterback).  He makes the most important plays; making some miraculous last down plays with Conway and Maclin. He was fighting already, but Steelers’ defense not having it. He fought and brought the chiefs back to a two- point game. I mean, c’mon! You know it was going to be close; it’s the Chiefs and the Steelers. The Chiefs’ offensive players are hard to bring down – This is a battlefield. Be ready to play. This is how Alex Smith got them to a 2-point game.

With 3mins and 30secs left in the game, the Chiefs has the ball on Steelers 5-yard line. Fourth and 2 down by 8, do or go home. Pressure time but they connected. They got the last down; last and goal from the 1. They got the full back Sherman the ball for the pressure last down. Ware finished off the drive with a touchdown bringing the Chiefs to a 2-point game. The season on the line, Chiefs needs to get a two-point conversation and they got it. However, of course, the Chiefs got a penalty and the 2 points was no good. They got one more chance to tie the game from the 15-yard line. The conversation got harder now and they did not connect the two-point conversation. Two-point game with 2:53 left, Steelers has the ball and closes the game out. Steelers won by 2 18-16 and on to the Patriots for a shot to the super bowl. It was indeed a close exciting game!

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