The New Greats

NFL 2017 Hall of Famer were name on Saturday Night. Seven of them were chosen. Seven persons now named Hall of Famers so and so. Their hard work and dedication not only paid off on the field but also into the Hall of Fame. They are from the bottom, middle and the top of players all-around the league that made their name on Sundays. So give it up for the seven Hall of Famers. LaDainian Tomlinson (LT), Jason, Taylor, Morten Andersen, Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, Kenny Easley, and Jerry Jones.

LT was a given, I mean, the guy was a baller. I knew he was going to be a baller once he got drafted. Him and Micheal Vick in 2001. I mean, in 10 years scoring 145 Touch Downs and even more Touch Downs in receiving at running back. It was obvious NFL Hall of Fame was calling his name. Same said for Jason Taylor a Defensive end even though I think he was shocked that his name was called, LOL. I mean, the guy had 139.5 Sacks like wooo there. A kicker was in it too, Morten Andersen, he played in 3 decades and was name to 2 NFL all Decades team. He scored like over 4,000 points as a kicker.

Next, from packing grocery bags to the Hall of Fame in Canton Kurt Warner is the man. Two-time NFL Most Valuable Player. Good for him. Terrell Davis, he only played 6 years and people were debating whether or not if he is an NFL Hall of Famer — Well, he is one now! Its official. I didn’t know Kenny Easley; but now I do he played in the 80’s and for 6 season with being a defensive back getting 32 interception in his NFL career in only 6 seasons. That’s a lot of picks I see why he is in the Hall of Fame.

Jerry Jones, the Owner, the General Manager, the coach (Yeah 3 major roles there). He made it to the Hall of Fame. The Cowboys was the team in the 90’s won 3 Super Bowl championship. Drafting Super Bowl winning players. The man behind that was Jerry Jones, the man with all the money. All of these players and owner deserve to be an Hall of Famer; they were chosen for a reason. LT lead the class. And whooooo! Learn something about some players today.

Brainy Versatility, that’s what we are about learning different things everyday in different areas of life.


Super Bowl Decision

The Superbowl Game is here just hours away. So lets see what the Falcons and Patriots bring to the table. Lets see who did their homework and study for the test. Studying for all portions of the test. No cramming. You cram you get blown out like the Broncos did when they face Seahawks years back. Lets see who you got lets go get it. 14-2 Pats or 11-5 Dirty birds. The game is on Fox and start at 6:30 Eastern time. Stay tune. Its the Superbowl.

Pats Defense should be ready hopefully they not cheating again, LOL. Pats ‘Defense playing good defense. If your read my other blogs you see I keep saying it. Falcons’ Offense will give them a work for their money though. Not really hearing no big news or trash talking to my hearing for me to put up. All I know is Pats Coach nothing to play with. After 2 weeks of preparation the game plan is ready and its just time to go out there and execute.

We will see who execute the most plays on offense and defense. Falcons’ Defense looking good, BUT I still think they are suspect (so we will see). Let me know what you guys think about who you think going to win this game. Last game of the football NFL year. Its going to be a big one. Brady gets another Ring or Ryan his 1st ring. The Pats have 55.6 percent to win and Falcons 44.4 percent to win, so its kind of close i guess. Falcons looking for their 1st Super Bowl trophy win. Falcons fans stand up and Pats fan well people already don’t like the pats so I know their fans rooting real loud.

Lets get it. Brainy Versatility.

Pats’ Day

New England Patriots started the game off with an early lead. Pats defense doing their thing. Holding the Steelers offense to no long yard completions. It was Hogan day with 2 TD from Tom Brady. 180 yards and 2 TD from Chris Hogan aka 7/11 why well he is always open as he was today. 7/11 all in Steelers weak secondary. Pats dominated the game. This was a blow out. Brady was himself doing his thing. Lewis to Brady to hogan for a TD that’s how bad the secondary got burnnned. This wasn’t even a game.

Steelers playing that Zone defense was not working. Zone for the weak. Brady smelled blood and he attacked. Pats defense, offense, special teams are laser focused for the Superbowl title. I expected more from the steelers but Levon Bell got injured and I guess that threw off their game plan. Still its football got to be ready for everything. Steelers need to get better on that defense for the future.

With that being said Pats going to the Superbowl against the Falcons in which they should win. Pats defense going to put that stop to Falcons high power offense. Brady not playing he is ready. They did better than last week after the team didn’t play as well. They already trying the pats saying if they can beat or ready for falcons defense<<< Is this a joke? LMAO with the hmmm. Anyways, I know its the weekend but stay of that stuff, Bro, and broooettt (LOL) like Falcons defense nothing to stress about, another LOL! psshhh. Anyways Brady about to go brain surgeon of that Falcons defense they alright but psshhhh its Brady he going to straight doo dooo dooo brown on that, LOL. Superbowl 51 Pats vs Falcons who do you have now or who you think will win?

Expand your mind and think on all level. Brainy Versatility — You feel me?

Falcons Getting in that Cheese Head

The Packers and Falcons looked like it was going to be an offensive game but the 1st half was all about the Falcons Offense. Aaron Rodgers playing bad with throwing an interception and Packers also fumbling. Ryan Falcon Quarterback was balling. Playing with the Packers defense. The 1st half was all about the Falcons. Falcons looking at an offensive fire weapon. Two touch down and a field goal. Falcons over 300 yards of Offense in the 1st half. Ryan and the falcons ended the 1st half with moving the chain drive for almost 1st and goal. The next play was nearly picked off for an interception. Falcons getting all the good breaks. Ryan to Julio Jones on a post route seems like for a TD on 3rd down. TD with 1 second left in the 2nd quarter. Falcons leads 24-0 after the 1st half was over. Surprising Aaron Rodgers isn’t balling like he has been most of the season 127 total yards for Packer in the 1st half like really wow.Packers defense sluggish while Falcons defense balling. So much for a offensive game.

Packers got the ball to begin the 2nd half. Rodgers still not doing much as the lead was 31-0 in the 3rd quarter. Packers getting that butt whopping you get when you was a kid when you got in trouble right now. Ooooooooo! They picking out which belt they want that butt whooping in lol too. This is game looks over. Packers didn’t come to play today. Lets just say packers got shitted on today like I know people bet on the packers to win or at least be a close high scoring game but geeez! What a blowwww out! Ryan straight roasted the Packer defense today like oooooo. 392 yards and 4 TD.  Poor packers. Got 44 points dropped on them. Falcons winning big and the final game in the Georgia game looking good. The fans going home smiling.

After Packers letting everyone down. Sad cheesehead. The game so bad the packers got the back Qb in the game Brett Hundley. Fight till the end no matter the score. They got the whole off season to rest. Packers let alot of people down I mean I know I said already but they did. Whats going on with them is what I like to know. Anyways, Falcons going to the Superbowl. Lets see what the birds going to do in the SB. NFC Champs Atlanta Falcons. They surprised alot of people so hmmmm it would be nice if the win the Super bowl aka SB.

Get your mind expanded cus my mind certainly did today. SuperBowl 51 Atlanta Falcons 😀

Battle of the Birds

Whom you think will win between Seahawks and Falcons? Hmmmm…animal talk, LOL. I think Seahawks probably will win but it is probably in the heart. As I continue to watch the game, looks like the Falcons will win this won one. Falcons has too much offensive weapon. They are quick, fast, and aggressive, from the wide receivers to the running backs. Seahawks got a long day ahead of them. Matt Ryan picking them apart.99 yd pick apart for a touchdown to be exact. Everyone going to be involved in these first downs after first down then touchdown falcon game. Anything in life is about heart. Who wants it more? How much do you want it? Seahawks are beaten down with losing some key players like Earl Thomas and Lockett. I think Falcons should win this game because Seahawks defense is not as good as recent past. They are not an intercepting or sack team as much anymore. Their defense is still good but they got some holes to be attack. Like Sherman is good but he cannot cover Julio Jones. They are both tall but come on man?! Julio is a freak, being able to run and jump…and catch the football at his height. Geeeez. Scary thinking about it. He already got a touchdown in the first half. It’s definitely a big day to come for him.

Seahawks chance to help offensively is Devin Hester. Well, the man is a kick and punt return legend. In the open field just say touchdown. At his age, he is still a threat to take it to the house for a touchdown. Nevertheless, the Seahawks keep getting penalties messing up Hester returning yards. Thomas Rawl and the Seahawk Offense need to go somewhere, especially Rawl, he always getting injured. Like ugh! If you had him on your fantasy team, you would know what am talking about. Like go somewhere, man! LOL. It’s all good though (LOL). In addition, Falcon defense exposed them today as they did with stopping Rawl on the 4-yard line and then getting Russell Wilson with a safety. The game still closes in the first half 10-19 Falcons. This game is a playoff game. Expect fighting to be involved. After all, it is football lost of hormones and emotion involves. Playoff games are not easy. Who want it? Falcon playing at home so home crowd should give them the favorite.

Jones putting on a show. Seahawks offense struggling cannot get a touchdown but they getting field goals. You can’t win with field goals in this kind of game. Seahawk offense being their usual self. Falcons finished them off. Like bye-bye. Dirty Falcons on the Seahawks. Old flashback with Jaamal. However, Russell Wilson was not going out like that with a touchdown to Baldwin. Falcons’ defense had a good game with interception and strip. Falcons wasn’t going to allowed Wilson to make come back sorry Wilson not today. Falcon to the NFC Championship game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan balled out getting some touchdowns. Three TD to be exact and 338 total yards. 36-20. Falcons won. Packers Vs Falcons for the NFC Championship game.

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