Brushing It Off

In life, you have bad days but you have to push through it. Just because someone is having, a bad day does not mean you have to mess someone day up. Just have to fight through it as you do if you are weighting a heavy weight just push through it. It may be hard but you cannot let a bad day own you. Yeah you might be tired and do not want to deal with anyone. However, sometimes in life you have to do things you do not want to do. You dragging through the day you want to do absolutely nothing but there is work, school, or family for some people. You just have to get it down. No Matter what happens you have to own that bad. You make your day not the situation.

My advice just pushes through it and be neutral. Fight through it. This day will make you better for tomorrow and on. Make the best of it. Nevertheless, a bad always end and when you get on that bed after a shower, you feel good. Get the job done and get through the day. Do not be lazy or eat your way through the day. I mean for days like this you need energy sources stack up fruits veggies and lots of proteins. Not too much because extra proteins the body does not use turn to fat. Eat but make sure it is nutritious but I know some days you feel like eating something juicy…I know! I know! Guilty, loooool.

Just handle each situation you encounter. One important thing listens to music when you get the chance. Music is power and gives you energy too. Gets you through the day. Think positive and relax its just a day every day gets better. Just get that tune ready. Get a goodnight sleep and shower or just cool your head down with cool air or cool towel.

Be confident and keep that head up. It is going to make you better and tougher. You feel me? Be adaptive you all. Be Brainy Versatility.