100 Straight W’s


UCONN Huskies: The dynasty team won their 100 straight wins on a Monday Night at home.This was not an easy task to do. They came every game and put in work on the oppose team. Big ups to the players past and present players. Former players like Sue Bird, Maya Moore and Breanna Stewart were at the game showing their respect to the winning streak. This is all because of their coach, Geno Auriemma. He did it again. The 8-timed AP Coach of the Year — he, well, Oooo a good coach. Some might not like him; but one thing he is, he’s a winner. Coach Auriemma brings the best out of his players. This was a hard fought game to get to an 100 straight W but they did it.

South Carolina aren’t no joke; now Dawn Staley doing a good job with this South Carolina team. She was a good basketball player, now a good coach. They are something to mess with. They try to stop the Huskies in not allowing them to win a century straight BUT even with the close game they couldn’t do it. This is a remarkable goal, I mean, I can’t even say into words what heart and dedication it takes to make and reach a goal like this. Good game from South Carolina too.

Big respect to the UCONN Women Basketball team from the past teams that started this streak and the present players that kept the streaks going and going and going. I am really impressed. UCONN got some female ballers over there. They taken over the NCAAW Basketball and the Professional ranks with all the good players they have in the WNBA. UCONN dominating for year after year and wining win after win. Trophy after Trophy. Get some Trophies. Reach high. 100 straight W’s, yeah! UCONN Huskies. This was a team win so can’t single one player out.

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WNBA Shock

WNBA is going through their off season right now, so if you not a WNBA fan, you probably not paying attention to the off-season news. I was surprised when I read that Elena Delle Donne was traded from the Chicago Sky. If you don’t know who she is, well, she is a tall Blonde basketball player. She is about 6’5 and she can ball. I mean she can dribble, shoot, I think she probably can dunk. She is an all-around basketball player. She has versatility. She can do it all. She is a talent basketball player. Plus the fact that she is an Most Valuable Player in the WNBA. Flashback, She was the number 1 high school player back in her high school days; and went to UCONN (University Of Connecticut) before going back home because of family reasons. She want to spent time with her sister who has health issue. She ended up going to Delaware for college after UCONN making them a contender. UCONN is a woman basketball powerhouse for college ball for those who do not know.

After College, She was drafted Chicago and spend her career there until recently expressing her feelings that she wants to move on from the team. She took control of her contract saying she wants to be traded to a team of her liking, like, you go girl! LOL. Sheesh! Feisty but anyways, the first day of free agent being February 1st, Wednesday, she was traded to the Washington Mystics. Mystics are an instant contender with her on the team. I will like to watch her play. Miami used to have an WNBA team the Miami Sol but no team currently or ill be moving on over there and watch them play. It is a drive but it is worth.

Yeah, WNBA have some talent players them women can ball. The news today was WOW, but I didn’t know she didn’t want to stay with Chicago. She has been with them since 2013 so…. yeah. I will be looking how she will do in the DC area. We will see what her new team looks like. For all you WNBA fans out there, looks like the season going to be another competitive one.

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Old Big East Battle

If you guys didn’t know, Big East was the league to be in back in the days. Rivals among almost every team; those were the era (bringing back those memories) — with St John’s, UCONN, Syracuse, Georgetown, Villanova. This Georgetown series goes all the way back to 1958 with Georgetown leading the series 36-30 after today win. The game did not look like it was going to be any good. Nevertheless, come on it is Georgetown vs. UCONN. Therefore, you know the game was going to be close eventually. Shout out to L.J Peaks! That man is a BEAST! I like his hustle. He is a good all-around player. Georgetown needs him to be playing like that all year round. This was a blood pumpppingggggggg game! We need more games like this, fa real — a close hard fighting game. The desire to win is there for both teams, but Hoyas wants it more. They got the doog in them. Woo Woo! The dog in them. Tell me, they do not have the dog in them. C’mon! At least they got the dog in this game. Peak got the dog in him for sure this game.

This game was a flashback a 2017 version a close ending game. The game was an epic to watch within the last 90 seconds. L.J Peak is a beast with blocks, put back layup. He got heart. Grrrr…straight heart man. The end of the game was all heart. Georgetown falls back in the game after being down by 14 earlier in the game. Peak was a big part of that come back and wins. The center was also a part of the game closing win. It is rare centers making free throws now to finish off the game. Akoy Agau got a smooth free throw shooting form with making both of the free throw to let Georgetown up by 4 with 30.8 to go. Hoyas got good all around Centers. They can make free throws and do some things around the perimeter. Jessie Govan, another center, finishes the game off with making one of two free throws.

This was a big east ending finish, my blood pumping talking about it. UCONN tried fighting back but the Hoyas were too much for them. Jackson almost tight the game at 72 but misses the 3, UCONN fought with getting the rebound after Jackson miss but the put back was blocked. UCONN still has the ball with 8.8 seconds left, but Adam had an isolation but misses the 3. Of course, after the misses L.J Peak came up with the rebound and run the clock out. L.J Peak! You the man! He got heart (got to watch him more). Hoyas deserve this W because they played with heart. Georgetown finished their comeback win a big win. Georgetown is 10-8 on the season and UCONN 7-10 on the season.

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