UFC Fight

UFC 208 is on Saturday February 11 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The main event is two females fighters. With Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson fighting under the two ladies. For the lady fight, one is a blonde woman she might look pretty but don’t let her looks fool you. She can fight. Fierce woman. The woman she is facing is a tough looking woman. I wouldn’t want to get her mad. Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie — USA vs. Netherlands. Both weight the same with similar height, 1 inch different with Germaine being 1 inch taller. Holm is 5’6 and 5’7 for Randamie. Both tough fighters. Holm is 10-2 and Randamie is 6-3.

By the look of it, Randamie has the better defense. These kind of fight can go both ways. These should be one good fight on paper view. Lets see how it turned out. In sports, the one that has the most heart wins. Heart wins (remember that). So, whoever has the most heart will win this fight. As for Anderson Silva Vs. Brunson, I don’t know about this fight. Silva coming back from his suspension for drugs; so don’t know how much he has left. Young vs. old. Experience vs. youth in term of fighting experience on a UFC Pro Level. Its up in the air for this one. So we will see. Lets see.

I amusanetherlands looking to see what Holm is about though. The Anderson fight doesn’t really excite me as much. I want to see Randamie fight. I saw her training and she looks like someone to do some damage. UFC 208 in New York. Brooklyn watch it. We will see how good it is. There are some other fights on the card; but the ones I mentions are the two that stood out. UFC is a sport of art. Who can showcase the art ability to the fullest?

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It would be cool to learn how to Ski and do all those tricks. Looks so peaceful out there. I like peaceful things and pressure situation, so like to thing I AM VERSATILE (my favorite word). Lets get to some skiing, so I watched some men and women doing some tricks today. Tricks like double full and full double full. It is like twirling once or twice in the air, but you have to balance well and hit the right speed to get a good score. Skiers across the world competing in Park City, Utah on NBC.

skiingWorld cup season and competing with other countries are what the skiers are doing. They are talented; like I was impressed. Countries like China, USA, and Russia and more were competing against each other. I was really impressed with a snowboarder from China named QI Guangpu. Wow! He is a 2-time world champion and I can see why. He was like gliding in the air just free styling. It was like something I haven’t seen before. Even he had to admire what he did after he was done. That was some air time. That is just for the men. Wait for the women competition.

Visa Freestyle International-The Women’s Aerials Super final was started with a Triple twisting by XU Mengtao of China. She was doing her thing; pulling off a triple twist in the air. In the end with six women competing, the one that stands out the most was Australia’s Lydia Lassila beating USA’s Kiley Mckinnon for the top spot. You can tell Kiley Mckinnon wasn’t happy losing, in which, she shouldn’t be. However, Australia took the 1st place for that competition which stands out to me. At the end of the day, this is a competition towards the Olympics. Lots of snow in Utah, geez (just a random thought). I know, they are cold. Good talent for men and women out there in Utah, for all the countries competing. Just name the few that caught my eyes.

Oooo…brrrr..Brainnnyy Versatilityyyy. Whooooooooo! Skiing Style.

In the weather and snow and still be able to perform like they did? That’s SALUTE. Lydia Lassila and QI Guangpu won the overall FIS World cup Aerials competition at Deer Valley Resort in Utah. Three USA skiers got Top 10 — Mac Bohonnon, Jonathon Lillis and  Alex Bowen. These three gents stood out in the Top 10, so that’s something to be WOW at.

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Black Plague

Show on Vice Land about Black Plague. Vice Land have some good documentaries stories about various topics around the world. Good way to learn about things in the world. Black Plague is a deadly disease aka Black Death. Black Rats, fleas, bugs can spread it to humans. It goes way back to the 14th century and still goes on currently. Countries in Africa like Madagascar and some south states in US. Your leg get black and get infected all over your body. The current outbreak is in Madagascar, Africa where the Black rats have to be capture to study the cures and how to treat it. The bacterial disease is not something to experience.

The Black Plague, you would think the bacteria was expensive to treat but in reality it is cure with a cheap antibiotics. In poor countries like Madagascar and living in a poor neighborhood make the disease even more deadly because doctors and nurses are scared to treat such patients going against the medical healthcare ethics. If you can save a life please save no matter race or wealth. This black Plague is no joke and it can be cure easily.

This documentary caught my attention because it is something I haven’t really heard may be because I am in America and things like that USA nips in the butt as soon as it occurs. I know developing countries do not have the health care power USA has. But that is why it is important everyone in developing countries has to be on one page in case of crisis like the black plague to have one solution for it.

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National Freedom Day

This is (guess what day?) National Freedom Day: February 1 of the year. This is a day that represent liberty and freedom from slavery. The 1st day of Black History Month too. This goes way back to Abraham Lincoln so February 1st 1865 was the first day before it became the first day. This is a day to celebrate freedom for everyone really. Be free in who you are. In my view, today is a national freedom day in regard to race in which I respect but it is beyond that. Because, this day also represent freedom to be you and enjoy life no matter the color of your skin. I am the type of person that looks beyond colors and this day represents that because it is a day to be free much like any other day. If anyone want to join the day come on in no matter the race. Let us get together its beyond race. This day is special because it is a day to start it all. I was not even born and today is not a holiday but it is a day to know about. Expand that mind and know about the history of the world. This is particularly a freedom for United State of America.

Looking back in history, Freedom Day actually started in 1942 with a man named Major Robert Wright Senior. It started in 1942, but later became a national day when President Truman signed it into law six year late in 1948. It is not an holiday but an Observance Day. It is a day to look back at the past and remember how far African American as come from since the slavery day. Something to remember the struggle to the freedom. Have to appreciate the people before you that pave ways for black people to be free. Free to be who we want to be whether go into law, medical, healthcare, dance, technology and much more.

Shout out to https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/national-freedom-day for opening my eyes on National Freedom Day. This is what I mean by expand your mind and learning new things everyday. I knew this was Black History Month but didn’t know about Freedom Day till today. This life there are a lot of knowledge that have not been tapped into and am going to tap into most. Hard to tap into all that’s how many there are. On this site, we about to get into a lot of things to expand your mind to stuff you might not even know. Come with me on this journey that even I don’t know what I am going to learn this moment and beyond. That is what makes it fun. The unknown I don’t like but I am for sure going to learn from it.

So be adaptive. Brainy Versatility.