Sunday Game Scare

Villanova vs. Virginia was a game that looks like a blow out. I know you guys and girls think the Cats was blowing Virginia out. Sikes, noope. Virginia was man handling the Cats for most of this game. They were getting body by the Virginia Cavaliers. I thought the Cavs was going to win this game which would be a good win for them. Beating a number 1  seeed.  The game looked at a blowout and was a blowout for some of the game. Look can be wrong as it was this.

Villanova made a run in the 2nd half coming back from a big deficit. Cats showed their heart in this game. They show why they are National Championship. They fought back. The game was low scoring but both team fought to get the win. The 3 point field goal percentage was a big reason why the Cats game back and stuck around in the game with shooting about 44% from beyond the 3-point arc.

The game was a down the wire game with and heart pounding ending. The game was tie down the closing seconds. Cats pull away with  buzzer beating tip in to win 61-59. I know the Virginia Cavaliers are down because this was their game to win but Villanova took one away. The got the philly grrrrr ill take your lunch and you not going to do nothing about it heart. 61-59 Cats win. What game, man!
Something that you should be adaptive to a good basketball games. Brainy Versatility 😀

Old Big East Battle

If you guys didn’t know, Big East was the league to be in back in the days. Rivals among almost every team; those were the era (bringing back those memories) — with St John’s, UCONN, Syracuse, Georgetown, Villanova. This Georgetown series goes all the way back to 1958 with Georgetown leading the series 36-30 after today win. The game did not look like it was going to be any good. Nevertheless, come on it is Georgetown vs. UCONN. Therefore, you know the game was going to be close eventually. Shout out to L.J Peaks! That man is a BEAST! I like his hustle. He is a good all-around player. Georgetown needs him to be playing like that all year round. This was a blood pumpppingggggggg game! We need more games like this, fa real — a close hard fighting game. The desire to win is there for both teams, but Hoyas wants it more. They got the doog in them. Woo Woo! The dog in them. Tell me, they do not have the dog in them. C’mon! At least they got the dog in this game. Peak got the dog in him for sure this game.

This game was a flashback a 2017 version a close ending game. The game was an epic to watch within the last 90 seconds. L.J Peak is a beast with blocks, put back layup. He got heart. Grrrr…straight heart man. The end of the game was all heart. Georgetown falls back in the game after being down by 14 earlier in the game. Peak was a big part of that come back and wins. The center was also a part of the game closing win. It is rare centers making free throws now to finish off the game. Akoy Agau got a smooth free throw shooting form with making both of the free throw to let Georgetown up by 4 with 30.8 to go. Hoyas got good all around Centers. They can make free throws and do some things around the perimeter. Jessie Govan, another center, finishes the game off with making one of two free throws.

This was a big east ending finish, my blood pumping talking about it. UCONN tried fighting back but the Hoyas were too much for them. Jackson almost tight the game at 72 but misses the 3, UCONN fought with getting the rebound after Jackson miss but the put back was blocked. UCONN still has the ball with 8.8 seconds left, but Adam had an isolation but misses the 3. Of course, after the misses L.J Peak came up with the rebound and run the clock out. L.J Peak! You the man! He got heart (got to watch him more). Hoyas deserve this W because they played with heart. Georgetown finished their comeback win a big win. Georgetown is 10-8 on the season and UCONN 7-10 on the season.

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