High Scoring Blue Jackets


Blue Jackets be jacking teams up, at least they did tonight. Toronto Maple Leafs, another member of the group that got jacked up by Blue Jackets. Blue Jackets may of let the New York Rangers get by with a win recently at home, BUT on Wednesday night they was not letting this home game go away easy. They smelled blood and they attacked. Toronto had no chance. The game was getting out of control in the 1st quarter with the Columbus Blue Jackets leading 2-0. Both teams are good but Blue Jackets ready to jack someone up, LOL.

Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio was going to be live this Wednesday for this game. Blue Jackets scored five goals. Boone Jenner, the Center, scored a goal. Zach Werenski had 2 assist and the Goal Tender, Joonas Korpisalo had 31 saves to get the Blue Jackets this win at home. Both Right Wing, Olive “O” Bjorkstrand and Josh Anderson scored a goal. Both Left Wing, Nick Foligno and Matt Calvert also scored goal. Tonight game was a Wing game because both Wings dominated on the Maple Leafs.

Of course, the Maple Leafs scored, 2 goals to be exact. It was too late though. Blue Jackets scored 2 goals in the 1st and 2nd quarter. That alone in itself made the game over with. Those two quarters were nighty night for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Columbus made up for their game; they let go against the New York Rangers the other day by totally taking it on the Maple Leafs. They did good. 😀 They played good. They responded well:D.

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