Fullerton City Tour

The Showers of Blessings

We have been living in La Habra, California for twenty-five years. City of Fullerton is behind the retaining wall in our backyard. We do a lot of thing in Fullerton such as go for walks in Laguna Lake, biking on trails, eat at the restaurants, have my hair done, or go to the hospital. We drive through downtown Fullerton hundreds of times, but have never taken a leisure walk in that area.

This morning we went on an Fullerton downtown tour organized by a lady from our church group. We walked 45,000 steps in two hours according to several peoples’ apps.

“Fullerton was founded in 1887. It secured the land on behalf of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Historically it was a ,center of agriculture, notably groves of Valencia oranges and other citrus crops.

In 1886, the city began negotiations with George H. Fullerton, president of the Pacific Land and Improvement…

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Parvati Valley I – Way to Grahan

Thoughts and Musings

As a guy who’d never traveled for leisure before, it was with great preparation that Skandh and I planned our trip to Kasol, the enigmatic town nestled in the bosom of Parvati Valley, home to India’s hippie scene, far away from the vexations of city life. Flight into Mumbai from Dubai, meetup at my place, flight to Delhi the next day; rucksacks on our backs, pleasant uncertainty before us.

We stood amidst the bustle of Delhi ISBT Kashmere Gate, drinking in the chaos. Night had fallen outside as dark clouds scurried overhead across a kohl eyed moon. In my hand I held tickets for two for the 8:20 PM bus headed to Manali via Bhuntar. Our destination was Bhuntar from where we would hire a ride down to Kasol, the enigmatic town nestled in the bosom of Parvati Valley, home to India’s hippie scene, far away from the vexations of…

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Pushkar – Is a Perfect Carefree Escape We All Wanted.

Travelling Buddha

I always feel Rajasthan is one of the most underrated places in India. From people, food to places Rajasthan is a journey of a lifetime.It has  so many things that it may take one whole lifetime to actually discover and explore this charming and rustic place. So here I am with the Rajasthan series.

Rajasthan is famous for alluring  places and one such destination is Pushkar.  There is no place like it, the moment you put your first step here you are greeted with authentic Rajasthan.

I was so awe struck thinking how in this modern age and era when everything is going west Pushkar is still desi and in such an amazing way that you actually feel proud that you are part of such an awesome country.


You can see people doing their usual business in traditional Rajasthani clothes, the streets and architecture are still the same, so precious. . Food is absolutely to die…

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Mushroom Croquetas

Cook yourself slim


Throwing away food is a crime. The rich minority of the world expects their tomatoes to be perfectly round and red, immaculate carrots, zucchinis, aubergines… all our fruit must look like it came out of a food magazine. The ugly vegetables get thrown away, together with tons of food that runs out of date both in the supermarkets and at home.

When legislation on food is there to protect us, there are some things that hace been taken too far. Recently we started having expiration dates on eggs for God’s sake! If an egg is bad, you will know. A bad egg stinks to the point of making you sick. I have known people to throw away perfectly fine eggs just because they were 3 days overdue. I have eaten the equivalent to a gallon of out of date yogurt while growing up. I am here, I am fine, I…

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