Scariest Thrill Ride EVER….


Ok so we went to Dollywood this month.

Let me tell you all this much…. I love love love rides and roller coasters and all that fun stuff. Not a ride I won’t try unless it spins in a straight in a circle over and over (like the tilt-a-whirl at the fair).
But…… this roller coaster at Dollywood is absolutely insane!!! I was in line we had a fast pass, I’m like yay let’s ride this one. Hubs is like yay lets!! We are visitors of Dollywood frequently and knew this ride was new and wasn’t open when we visited last year so we were all excited to ride this time.

We get on this ride and instead of the regular incline click click thing you do on normalcoasters, it shoots your behind straight up the incline with no clicks!! No no it throws you over the top and…

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